Kingsley selected second-team All-SEC

Arkansas junior rewarded for major improvement

By David Beall UA Media Relations

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas men’s basketball standout Moses Kingsley continues to haul in postseason honors as the junior was named second team All-SEC by the Associated Press Monday afternoon. It’s the third award for Kingsley who was named second team All-SEC and to the All-Defensive Team by the league head coaches, before garnering All-District VII honors by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association. Kingsley has emerged as one of the most improved players in the country in 2015-16, increasing his scoring output by 12.3 points per game and his rebounds by 6.8 boards per contest. He ended the regular season as one of two players in the league and one of seven high-major players in the country averaging 16-plus points and nine-plus rebounds per game. The Abuja, Nigeria native is second in the SEC with 16 double-doubles and was the league’s only finalist for the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award as the nation’s top center. Kingsley was named the SEC Player of the Week on Feb. 1 after averaging 17.5 points and 11 rebounds per game with a pair of double-doubles in victories over No. 5 Texas A&M and Texas Tech. He is the only player in the league with multiple games of 20 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks, and his 3.2 offensive rebounds per game lead the SEC. Kingsley is the lone player in the conference to rank in the top five in rebounds, field goal percentage and blocked shots. For more information on Arkansas men’s basketball, follow @RazorbackMBB on Twitter.


Girls Club stats and scores

Weekend of February 26 T-shirt division Crittenden County Recycle Grizzlies 14 Flash Market Dynamite 7 The Grizzlies got 6 points from Kendall Brasfield to slip the Dynamite, who got 4 points from Kailynn Austin. Lady Grizz 24 Dynamite 7 Emily Banks hit 11 points and Lillian Dickey posted 5 to help the Lady Grizz top the Dynamite, who got 4 points from Kaitlynn Austin. Crittenden County Recycling Grizzlies 15 Hot Shots 12 Kendall Brasfield scored 7 and Jordyn Wikerson added 6 to help the Grizzlies dodge the Hot Shots, who got 7 points from Madison Byrd and 4 from Kyleigh Copeland. Hot Shots 17 Flash Market Dynamites 7 Journee Thomas hit for 10 points in a win against the Dynamites, who got 4 from Brianna Patterson. Lady Grizz 22 Grizzlies 14 Madesyn Allison scored 13 points in her team’s win against the Grizzlies, who got 12 from Kendall Brassfeld and 2 from Cherish Selvy. Hot Shots 17 Dynamite Emily Thorne poured in 7 points for the Hot Shots, while Kaitlynn Austin scored 4 for the Dynamite. Pee-wee division Labor Ready Celtics 13 All-stars 0 The Celtics got 7 points from Madison Dunn in a win against the All-Stars. Junior division Lady Razorbacks 30 CLP Grizzlies 17 Madie Patterson scored 11 points in the Lady Razorbacks’ win against the Grizzlies, who got 10 points from Masiah Rucks. Shooting Stars 27 Lady Tigers 25 In a thriller, Kara Wilson’s 17 points were enough to help the Shooting Stars get past the Lady Tigers, who got 21 points from Ny’Asia Jackson and 4 from Tayler. CLP Grizzlies 25 Lady Tigers 24 Taylor Little scored 12 and Mesaya Rucks added 10 as the Grizzlies won a tight game against the Lady Tigers, who got 12 points from Zana Richard and 9 from Ny’Asia Jackson. Razorbacks 26 Pizza Pro Shooting Stars 11 Olivia Jones and Kelsey Baker hit for 9 points apiece to help the Razorbacks beat the Shooting Stars, who got 4 points from Abby Grace Nelson and 3 from Samantha.

Text The Times 870-225-1456

I just got through reading yesterday’s paper on the subject about the hospital. Yes, I’m very saddened that the leaders of our community is thinking of getting into letting it go to be a Arkansas Department of Community Correction Treatment facility. When our Veterans are in need of housing, they gave their lives to fight for our country!! And once again we turned our backs!! Over 300 rooms that can give homeless Vets a bed and bath and turn the Baby ward into a Doctor’s office for their treatment. And we wonder Why Our children do not want to go into the Armed Forces? They see how we treat them. [Editor’s Note: I once hear someone say, “Nothing that comes before the word ‘but’ matters.” Now, I’m 100 percent with you. It’s a shame that we have men and women who have served our country that don’t have access to shelter and care that they very much deserve… BUT, it’s not like Woody Wheeless or the Quorum Court turned down an offer to turn the old hospital into a Veterans’ facility. It wasn’t an option. The VA said they were not interested. They are the ones with the money and the staff and the plans. The county can’t just say, “OK, we’re turning this building in to a VA center, or senior home, or Commuity Center. Those things have millions of dollars in operating costs, oversight, staff and other expenses. There’s wishful thinking, and then there’s the reality that if the ACC proposal fails, the building will go vacant]

*** Charter school Marion??? Great idea!!! Just wish my oldest grandson could attend until he was a senior so he could get out of the Marion School District Zoo!! [Editor’s Note: I’m all for giving children the best possible opportunity for an education, but I am now and will likely always be a proponent of public education. Just my opinion, of course, but when it comes to truly preparing a child for the world in which they will have to live and function, the public school system seems to serve that in a more adequate manner than any other option. I don’t know much about Connections Charter School, other than they currently operate an online K-8 virtual school, so I can’t really speak to their agenda. And to your “Marion School District Zoo” quip, I challenge you to find a school district that compares to Marion, West Memphis or Earle in socioeconomic and demographic terms that achieves what those schools do, year in and year out]

*** Subject: Could ACC jobs pay too much? I am totally flabbergasted that an elected official would make such remarks. This could be the reason Crittenden County does not get any new industry as it could possibly require other entites to pay more. Let’s keep the folks knocked down here in “Good Ole Ville.” [Editor’s Note: Hopefully you read the article, wherein the argument is not that anyone wants to keep anyone “knocked down,” but rather that the ACC facility could take local police officers off the force, already struggling to stay fully staffed, and cost local cities extra money in training and certifying new officers]

*** Tracy Catt. I can not imagine anyone wanting to keep highter paying out of our communities. If a police office can get a higher wage as a corrections officer and provide a better living for his family so be it. What you are saying is no different than saying west memphis police officers are getting paid too much because their department will draw officers away from smaller communities right? Higher paying jobs is what this country needs! Raise our population up out of poverty don’t hold them in poverty by refusing jobs with higher wages and benefit packages. [Editor’s Note: Again, this was not in any way an attempt to keep higher paying jobs away from the community, just addressing the reality that local police departments could very likely incur the burden of replacing staff, a task that is very costly and time-intensive. I’m in favor of bringing the ACC facility here, but I always value Councilman Catt’s take on issues and have to think his concerns are valid]

*** I’m running for mayor of earle, im tired of the foolish games! [Editor’s Note: Well, best of luck. However, thanks to the county’s interpretation of the recall procedures, you’ll have to wait a while. I’tll be a couple of months before they’ll accept the recall petition, then there’s the wait for a vote to be scheduled, and then the vote itself would have to be against the current mayor, and then a special election would have to be scheduled… so, again, best of luck in 2024, or whatever]

*** Why doesn’t the queen of Earle simply renounce her crown? She has completely forgotten all of the Hail* she raised as councilwoman. The things she does are the same things she contested time and time again against previous administrators. I would like to just wake up one morning and hear news of something positive that she is doing for the city and its residents instead of being a self-serving egomaniac. And for the record… Dating back to the resignation of our last acting Chief… If she would have arrested the councilwoman as the mayor wished, she would have had to arrest the mayor as well… She was as much to blame for the altercation following the meeting. RECALL NOW!!! [Editor’s Note: Yeah, on that recall… see above]

*** Yes, I also saw at Crittenden Memorial Park all kinds of broken vases on tomb stones and cracks everywhere. Even on my personal grave stone. It’s a disappointment, just as the New funeral home. [Editor’s Note: I will again voice my expectations that spring will bring with it a thorough cleanup of the cemetery. I don’t make any correlation between the cemetery and the funeral home (aside from the obvious connection, of course)]

Obituaries 03/15/16

Deborah Diane Norris

Deborah Diane Norris, 58, of West Memphis, passed away Saturday, March 12, 2016, at Methodist University Hospital. Services Wednesday, March 16, 11 a.m., at Midway Baptist Church. Wolfe Brothers Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.She leaves her husband, Larry Norris of West Memphis; a daughter, Lena Morrow of Cherry Valley, two sons, Homer Woods of West Memphis and Michael Jackson of Marion; a sister, Peggy Grant of Marion; and a brother Charles Sides of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Cloteal Smith

Mrs. Cloteal Smith, 85, died Tuesday, March 8, 2016, in Methodist University Hospital. Services Saturday, March 19, 12 noon in Friendship M. B. Church at Heth with visitation one hour prior to service. Burial in Paradise Garden Cemetery. She is survived by two daughters, Susie Ida Smith of Gary, Indiana and Allie McFarlan of Dallas, Texas; seven sons, John Henry Smith of Memphis, Leroy Smith of Forrest City, Arthur Lee Smith of Jackson, Mississippi, James Smith and Jerry Smith of Cleveland, Ohio, Gregory Smith of Istanbul, Turkey and Gary Smith of Tucson, Arizona; four sisters, Carol Jean Shipt, Sarah Albright of Memphis, Henry Ester Nunally of Aurora, Illinois and Elizabeth Jones of Holly Spring, Mississippi; three brothers, Rev. R. B. Shipt of Aurora, Illinois, Otis Jenkins of Memphis, Keith Balfour of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Charles Holloway of Holly Spring, Mississippi; 30 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. Anthony Funeral Home South in charge of service.

MHS CAP Conferences set for this Thursday, Friday

High schoolers working with parents, teachers for next year’s schedules

By Mike Douglas Marion School District

The annual Career Action Planning (CAP) Conferences for Marion Junior High School and Marion High School students and their parents will be held this week on Thursday, March 17, from 4 to 8 p.m. and Friday, March 18, from 8 to 3:30 p.m. CAP has been an integral part of parent involvement for these Marion schools for over a decade. All MJHS and MHS teachers are trained to advise students about course offerings and graduation requirements. They meet with their advisees several times before the actual conferences to help students plan the courses they need to take in order to reach their career goals. Parents and students have had a chance to look through this year’s CAP book, the annual publication of course offerings, to make decisions about next year’s schedule. The online version of the book is available from the MHS website at When they attend their CAP conference, they will pick up a current report card and receive additional information about state test results and instructional programs. MJHS students and their parents will have their conferences in the MJHS cafetorium, while MHS sophomores and juniors will meet on the floor of the MJHS arena. Current seniors’ parents may pick up report cards from the arena lobby as well. Teachers from both schools will also be available upon request for conferences about grades and other parent concerns. Mr. Elmer West, MJHS principal and Mr. Lincoln Daniels, MHS principal, urge all parents to keep their CAP appointments because it is critical to student success that parents are involved in educational decisions. Teachers from both campuses want to help students succeed and meet the goals they and their parents have set. Parents with questions about appointment times may call their child’s school office.

Our View:Is city looking to derail county efforts on ACC center?

Based on what has occurred so far, it is becoming very obvious there are forces in play in West Memphis that are focused on derailing Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless’ efforts to bring a low risk state-run women’s rehabilitation center to the abandoned old Crittenden Regional Hospital that will employ 140 with an average annual salary of $50,000. We find it somewhat amusing and very interesting to note that while we’re hem-hawing around and bickering about the good and bad of having a low risk, state-run women’s rehabilitation center taking over the old and abandoned Crittenden Regional Hospital in West Memphis, Pine Bluff officials are begging Gov. Asa Hutchinson to stop the Arkansas Community Corrections officials’ plan to close its facility there. What is as interesting is that Pine Bluff Mayor Debe Hollingsworth is circulating a petition and gathering community support not to close the facility there and has a proposed financing plan for making the necessary improvements at the Pine Bluff facility so as not to shut it down and move it to West Memphis. Oh, but it is entirely a different story in West Memphis where the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people are pressuring West Memphis officials not to grant the special use permit that will allow the corrections facility to take over the old hospital where its previous operators walked out and filed bankruptcy. And, furthermore, there is an obvious absence of positive and active participation from West Memphis officials or leaders to assist Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless in finding an occupant for this old building that is located their city. A failed permitting process will definitely kill the deal, leaving Judge Wheeless with no alternative other than to shut off the electricity that has been keeping the old facility alive. Experts have said once the power is cut off, it will be nearly impossible that the facility will ever be able to meet current building code requirements leaving, taxpayers with the estimated couple of millions of dollars it will take to demolish the building. It will instantly become an unsightly eyesore sitting smack dab across the street from West Memphis City Hall and a magnet for vagrants, vandals and drug users. While Judge Wheeless continues fight the battle on the home front, Pine Bluff Mayor Hollingsworth is hoping the overwhelming support from her city and an appeal to Gov. Hutchinson that the facility will remain at its existing location. Hollingsworth has made it known that she is not willing to give up the nearly 140 jobs to West Memphis and is encouraged to know that West Memphis officials may reject the necessary permitting. If it is the will of the people in West Memphis to tell Judge Wheeless they don’t want the rehab center or the 140 jobs then the question we want answered is what can these naysayers bring to the table to create as many new jobs and bring another major business that will have as big of an economic impact?

Is the clock of God about to strike midnight?

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary

I think so. And here is the reason that I believe that way… If you will take a few moments out of your busy life and really give some thought about what is going on in the Middle East and what is going on all over Europe, then you will realize that the mess that is happening there and the coming together of Russia, who will be a major player in the end times, and the middle east should let you see, like me, the turmoil and trouble that is coming our way. I think the leadership we have had for the last few years should help you see that, according to God’s word, it’s all falling into place. We have turned our back on Israel. And don’t for one minute think that we haven’t, because the proof is everywhere. And you can be assured that this is not something that God will take lightly with all the blessings that he has bestowed upon this country because of our love for Israel. I believe that the leaders of Israel know this, and now it looks like they may have waited too long to do anything of any consequence against Iran and the countries that they sponsor, with Israel being told by some of our leaders to stand down and do nothing. And another thing… if you will just look at what’s happening in the Middle East, not letting our fighting men and women do their jobs of winning this thing that we call a war but some of our leaders refuse to let them do it. I’m surprised that more deaths and causalities on our side have not happened. I try hard to understand why our leaders won’t let them win this thing and then come home, but as long as the rules of engagement are what they are where the enemy can shoot us but we can’t shoot back at them — and wait a minute, now I remember all those immigrants that are heading our way. Nothing but a lot of women and kids (and maybe a 30-year-old nephew coming along just looking for a better life) so not to worry, America. A lot of the things happening right now in Iran are sponsored by the Russians and China, with some North Korea shoved in there for good measure, and don’t forget all of them have some of their own people starving in the streets, and the reason is their government needs the money to sponsor some more terrorists in other places around the world like Iran as well as many others. Now is this not amazing, that those three as well as so many more will be deeply involved in the last battle when Jesus returns. Israel now knows that a lot of the leaders of our country are not their friend, but they also know that God is their friend and judge regardless of what our leaders say. The whole of the European people is slowly becoming a mess because of the change in their political system as well as their population and if you do just a little end-of-times study, you will understand that the European countries bring forth several leaders in the later days led and sponsored by Satan himself, and I believe that it is being put together as we speak. If you will just stay up a little bit with what is happening around the world, then you will see that a lot of those European leaders are now on the side of the migrants and not so much for the people that are citizens of their own country. If you think for one minute that one day not to far into the future that America won’t fight that same battle, I think you are wrong and I know some of you reading this will never accept that. But just remember this: By the time you see it, I would say then it’s too late. All I can say in closing with all the turmoil that is going on in the world today my prayer for you would be that if you don’t have that blood contract with the Savior then you will get it. So may God bless you and yours, and may he open your eyes to see what is right there in front of you. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.