WMCS Honor Rolls

West Memphis Christian Schools has released its 3rd 9-Weeks Honor Rolls: Middle School — All A’s 4th Grade: Jonathon Henderson, Caleb McCain, Sydney Vaughn, Cole Williams ; 5th Grade: Margaret Crain, Rachel Gossett, Madelyn Holloway, Olivia Jones, Madie Patterson; 6th Grade: Katie Greene, Dhilan Patel, Ryan Stewart; Middle School — All A’s and B’s: 4th Grade: Savannah Lovelady, Austin Patterson, Dean Patterson, Ethan Shinholt, Michael Weaver; 5th Grade: Kelsey Baker, Gabby Brown, Mitchell Honey, Nathan Hunter, Marie Love, Abigail Martin, Haley Moore, Kelsey Robb, Alex Teague; 6th Grade: James Adland, Tiffany Carroll, Avery Cook, Abbey Garlington, Ella Garlington; High School — All A’s: 7th Grade: Holly Farrah, Jayna Harris, Grace Patterson, Emma Wolfe; 8th Grade: Matthew Land; 10th Grade: Sarah Gossett, Garret Garlington; 11th Grade: Nathaniel Ham; 12th Grade: Andrea Beyer, Ashley Beyer, Bailey Felts, Hannah Lloyd, Landon Pike, Lauren Pike, Claire Price, Stephen Wooten, McKhail Weaver; High School — All A’s and B’s: 7th Grade: April Aycock, Brooke Beyer, Brady Holloway, Austin LaRue, Jules Phillips, Austin Williams; 8th Grade: Tyler Casper, Piper Farmer, Kappy Herron, Anna Grace Russell, Shelby Stanberry; 9th Grade: Alex Bramucci, Parker Benson, Gavin Foster, Hunter Hicks, Mason Shidler; 10th Grade: Matthew Baker, Taylor Busby, Biron Rossell, Shelby Vaughn, Bryce Waller; 11th Grade: Julia Kelso; 12th Grade: Jake Hale, Makiah Nowlin, Caleb Seale, Hannah Walters, Akilah Watkins.


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