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Here we go again!!! The streets around here flood when we get a little shower. Now that we are getting all this rain, its time to break out the orange cones and yellow tape and block off the streets again! And the roads are already bad and its going to rain the rest of the week. Turn on the pumps and clean out the ditches BEFORE it rains!!! [Editor’s Note: There are a couple of spots around here where streets seem to flood after a hard dew. Bring on a few inches of rain, and it’s Lake Colonial Drive. I know they can’t turn on the pumps until the water reaches a certain level, but whatever the drainage plan is, it’s not working in at least a few spots]

*** Subchapter 4 – Arkansas Speed Trap Law 12.8-403 It does not matter where the Earle Police set and run radar. The law states that a department is found to be abusing powers if more than 30% of income comes from a state or city ordinance on a highway or 50% if it is a speeding violation of 10 mph or less. Which the mayor said in a council meeting that revenue was up because police were writing more speeding tickets. I am not even sure if any of the officers we have now are even certified to run radar. [Editor’s Note: I can almost definitely assure you they are not. And if you want an example of this type of speeding enforcement, Marked Tree had this same type of setup for years before they put the overpass in]

*** The citizens of _____ need to be aware that the _____ is losing good _____ every month to _____ and surrounding towns. The reason these new and highly trained _____ are leaving has nothing to do with the pay. It is because of unfair promotion practices within the _____ and the _____’s inappropriate actions with female officers. The _____ also repeatedly uses toxic and demanding language to patrol officers in front of other employees. At one time everyone wanted to work for _____ and it was hard to get on but now the word is out that the _____ is toxic and there are multiple positions that they can’t fill. The officers have tried to go through the proper channels to improve their situation but nothing has been done. Citizens of _____ deserve to know what’s going on before there is no one left. [Editor’s Note: As you can see, I have excluded any identifying names. This is an example of what not to send to Text the Times. While the person who sent this may very well have a valid complaint, this simply isn’t something we can print without opening up the potential for a libel suit. While I appreciate the concerns raised, my recommendation would be to take this matter to the governing board that oversees this particular group of people at the state level. Present your concerns and see if any action or investigation is possible]

*** I disagree with A housing for inmates to be placed at the old hospital. Why don’t they use the old jail house in Marion. We don’t need that kind of businesses in the city. I thought Prison be on the outskirts of the city it seems to me you all are creating a serious problem. There are schools where children walks to school as well. Try and get the old jail. It would be the best place for that. There is a lots of law enforcement in Marion. Bad choice. [Editor’s Note: It’s funny how everyone opposed to the ACC’s plan calls the place a “jail” or “prison,” while everyone in favor of it calls it a “treatment center” or “rehab facility.” I will point out that the West Memphis jail operated on Broadway, and the old county jail in Marion was located adjacent to the court house. For that matter, the Crittenden County Jail is about a quarter-mile from where I’m typing this… these are hardly on the “outskirts of the city.” The Crittenden County Jail is also about a mile from four of Marion’s six schools, and thus far, we’ve had no escaped inmates wandering the halls there]


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