“Against it because it could lead to them moving here and don’t always mean that rehab will work! So could mean more trouble for west Memphis! Is it bringing jobs no bc they are bring there staff so what benefit do we as West Memphis get out of it! Just how I feel!” — Shane Rhyne

*** “We need a hospital not another jail, it’s too close to our children!” — Stacy Lynn Dougherty

*** “A bad hand has been dealt but that’s why we put ppl in office w some sense about them to look after us and our well being n this is nothing in that direction gonna turn out good . U don’t put a correctional facility of any kind in any city w a drug traffic n problem that this one has . A major interstate interchange 40/55 … No we don’t need this here . None other than the county jail to try n catch our own.” — Carla Steen

*** “I am 110 percent against it!!!! Here are a few reasons why West Memphis is already known as truck stops and trailer parks we don’t need another stigma on us being labeled truck stops trailer parts and a woman’s Correctional Facility or prison. Reason number to them being labeled as non violent offenders is only about 20% true because you got to know they may commit a horrible crime a violent crime and then plea bargain their way down to a lesser charge so that don’t make them a non violent offender that just makes it a plea bargain to a lesser charge. Number 3 who would like to walk out the back door and see prison. Number for property values will go down because no one wants to live in the vicinity of a prison. Number 5 they will be out walking the streets during the day, and they tell you the lockdown facility know they have work release and they leave from 7 in the morning to 5:06 at night so that’s going to make them walk in our streets and we don’t need another 350 crackheads meth heads pill heads walk in the street to West Memphis. They want to say it’s a rehabilitation center no its a drug rehab for the state the return rate is 44%- 65% that’s the return rate what that means is once I get out there to go back to the same lifestyle and turn around and do it again but guess what they will be released into our community in West Memphis it’s really easy for people that live in Marion and other communities and say oh yes we’re all for it because you do not live in West Memphis if it was around your neighborhood you would be against it if you had half of a mind and worried about your kids.” — James Burch

*** “I’m afraid it will pull property values down and hurt West Memphis’ allure to new businesses. Though it is not a ‘prison’, it will be deemed as one. Is a VA hospital completely out of question?” — Sue Burns

*** “I get why you want them to be there (might be the only option for the building, create jobs, etc.) but I think I’m against it. I don’t want a prison that close to my home! I’m not familiar with prisons in general, but the two I am familiar with are Brickeys and Forrest City. Neither are located smack dab in the middle of town and that’s how I feel all prisons should be. However, if it ends up in the hospital, please put a brick wall around it or at least a fence. I’ve heard it would not have one and I think that’s unacceptable.” — Paige Looney

*** “No I am TOTALLY against this and every single person in the hairshop that comes through is AGAINST THIS!!! NO ONE WANTS THIS.. NO ONE!!! I could make a list to give to you of everything I’ve heard from different people. Each person has strong reasons why they are against it. I know several business owners who have their businesses here VERY against it. It will not be good for our community. I can’t post every reason why BC it would take forever. I will private message them. I know a lot are calling to say they are against it but their are no contact info on the emails or work numbers to the quoram cort members so they are voicing out by calling to relay the message. Thanks Woody Wheeless for posting this so we can share with you to relay it to them.” — Nona Ballard

*** “No No No! They are trying to say it’s a “REHABILITATION”‘place but that’s BULL. It’s a CORRECTIONAL FACILITY for women. NOT just women who do drugs. All types of felons. With it brings TONS of visitors. Think about the madness it will be in the HEART of our town on visitation day. Also, who wants to be the town, with no hospital, extremely high crime rates… Oh and a prison in the heart of the city. Not to mention the headache it will cause for Police every time one of them act up.” — Erin Bell

*** “So we are thinking about housing criminals and letting the hard working honest citizens die in the streets ?? This must be a joke. Were housing, feeding, and medically supporting criminals while our actual contributing members of society have no medical support….” — Elizabeth Lesley

*** “No! That’s the last thing we need in This city. Why not a nursing home or something not “Rehab” facility. Let’s face it it is a glorified correctional facility. Put that away from the city not smack dab in the middle of town. And around community centers.” — Kristen Akers

*** “Against. The word “prison” and “felonies” can be avoided and sugar coated all you want, but it’s a women’s prison that houses felons. Bottom line. Do they deserve rehabilitation? Absolutely. At the expense of our city/county? NO. I don’t agree with bringing a facility into our community with such a negative connotation. The 138 jobs are not guaranteed to be filled by our residents. The money the staff makes is not guaranteed to get put back in our community. It is not guaranteed that the inmates released won’t decide to stay in west memphis. It is not guaranteed that the visitors, staff, inmates won’t bring MORE drugs to our community. THINK About this…most prisons/rehabs have more access on the inside and come out more equipped than they did when they went in there. Is that always the case, no, but WHY CHANCE SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN OUR BACKYARD? Home/property value is at stake. Reputation is at stake. The attraction of other thriving business opportunities is at stake. It will be another “part of town” you don’t want your kids going to. ACC is not buying the hospital. The only gain is the county not having to foot the bill anymore. So, look for another option, don’t sell ourselves out to the first offer. No. No. No. And I wouldn’t vote for anyone again that is in favor of this.” — Kindale and Bubba Briggs


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