Kindergarten class gets science session

Former student visits teacher at Avondale

From Becky Northcutt Special to the Evening Times

Dr. Bryan Cox recently visited his former kindergarten teacher, Vearlene Williamson, and her class at Avondale Elementary to talk to them about his career as a scientist and engineer. “I was in Mrs. Williamson’s kindergarten class a long time ago and remember always enjoying playing in the science center,” said Cox. “The curiosity and desire to learn new things has always stuck with me throughout my school years.” During the visit, Mrs. Williamson’s class learned that scientists ask the question “Why?” and then conduct experiments to find answers. The class did an experiment to determine what type of materials conduct electricity. Students discovered that metal objects conduct electricity better than wooden items. Dr. Cox also read to the students. Currently, Dr. Cox is a researcher at Southern Methodist University working on combining 3D printing and electronics. He told students in the future, it will be possible to print common household items — and even robots.


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