How’s that New Year’s resolution doing?

‘Make It Fun’ By Pam Young

Okay, it has been two months since you made a New Year’s Resolution to stop or start doing something to make a change for good in 2016. How’s that working out for you? And now you’re smack dab in the middle of Lent which can add another element to your desire to be better, if not a level of extreme guilt if you don’t stay with your good intention. Today, did you talk yourself into doing something you explicitly did not want to do? And if you did, who were you talking to? Keep reading. Who made the final decision — the good intention part — you or the sabotaging part? Of course in the end, it was you! You can’t blame it on the devil. But if your discussion ended in you doing what you didn’t want to do that other part of you is very powerful. For me, the sabotaging comes from Nelly the part of me I call my inner child. She has a lot of power when my defenses are down. For example, I have a temperature right now and I feel lousy and Nelly has suggested at least ten times today that we get some 7-Up and ice cream. And I can assure you, if I had either item in the house I would have partaken. Nelly would win, but I would lose because both items are horrible “get well” foods. I know it’s Nelly because when I was a little girl and was sick, that’s what I’d get. Don’t let your Nelly boss you around. Set a goal — a teeny-tiny one that you can meet for sure. Then, when you reach it, set an ever-so-slightly one. It’s habit forming, in a good way. You’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll surprise yourself. For more from Pam Young go to You’ll find many musings, videos of Pam in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed slob’s point of view.


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