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With regard to the Mayor of Earle driving a city owned vehicle, thanks for the article about her taking it to Southland. My question is what state statue or city ordinance gives her the right to drive a city vehicle?? [Editor’s Note: The vehicle purchase was approved by the Earle City Council. It’s not unusual for a city to either own a vehicle for the mayor to use (at its discretion) or for a vehicle allowance to be factored into a mayor’s salary. So that, in and of itself, is not controversial at all. The main issues in the Earle situation first arose after the mayor took a grant-purchased police cruiser, had all of the detailing and equipment taken out and appropriated it for use as her personal vehicle. The situation then changed once she was told that was misuse of public property, and she then persuaded the council to buy a vehicle specifically for her use, a decision that seems financially reckless, considering the city’s current fiscal woes]

*** I was totally devastated by the news I read in the paper on Monday night. February 22nd regarding the Holiday Plaza Mall. I felt a sense of loss. It made me sad. That mall has been a part of my life forever and I have wonderful memories of running through there with my little sister. That’s going to leave a huge void on that end of town. Too bad I couldn’t purchase it and renovate it. I believe it could’ve been restored. I guess it’s too late now. [Editor’s Note: Oh, I bet it’s not. If you have the means, make them an offer. But, yes, the mall has been a fixture at that spot for so long, it’s hard to imagine that location without it. As a kid, living in Marion, that was pretty much where West Memphis “started” as we crossed under the overpass into the city. I remember haircuts and dates at the bowling alley and getting my picture taken with Santa and all sorts of other things at that mall. That area is in too good a location not to be redeveloped, but it’s certainly going to take some getting used to]

*** Council members and Mayor Carolyn Jones of Earle, Arkansas. Do you all remember when Carolyn Jones was a council woman and she voted all city vehicles be parked at 4 p.m. and you also made Mayor Davis leave his car parked at City Hall. What is the difference between what she is doing and what he was doing? What justification is there for a city vehicle to be at Southland Greyhound for 15 hours? Do we need to call in the auditors for the misappropriation of city money? [Editor’s Note: To me, the issue isn’t where the vehicle is parked, whether it’s at Southland or Applebee’s or the First Baptist Church. The question is, did the City Council, when it agreed to purchase a car for the mayor, put any sort of parameters in place for its use? You mention time constraints for the previous mayor as an example. Is there a mileage limit? A gas allowance? Are there hours of acceptable use? Who is responsible for wear-and-tear? If these conditions are in place and the mayor is in violation of them, then shame on her. If there are no such conditions in place, then shame on the city council and she, as has often been the case, can do what she wants]

*** I’d like to know if anyone else has gotten a flow of large political cards in the mail against Courtney Goodson for Supreme Court Justice from Arkansas. Lot of money on PC ads and Mail outs are from and paid by Judicial Crisis Network. I consider myself as a conservative but for you to see how big money is collected for such venues and an interesting story Google The JCN Story – How to Build A Secretive Right-Wing Judicial Machine. It will give you an insight of how both political parties can control the US MONEY! Hopefully I honestly believe Trump can kick out all of these lobbyist working for favors and bet your bottom dollar not thinking of the middle class tax payer. [Editor’s Note: I actually have gotten surprisingly little political advertising in the mail this election cycle. Here’s a somewhat-related interesting tidbit in regards to your story suggesting… did you know that there are folks whose job it is to take regular old news stories and purposefully twist them toward the liberal or conservative agenda and then post them as straight-up news stories online? They usually show up on your “crazy uncle’s” Facebook page as “proof” that the (Whatever) Party is out to ruin America. They have somewhat legitimate-sounding site names, like AmericanWatchdog.net or conservativereport.org, but they’re just pushing their views with misinformation]


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