Our View: Endorsements entangled in party politics

Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting but not surprising or unexpected to hear that Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who hooked his political wagon to the loser and former Gov. Mike Huckabee has now jumped on board with the Marco Rubio train. But, more interesting to learn is the news that our beloved and popular former Gov. Mike Beebe has joined hands with a father and son who are former U.S. senators, David and Mark Pryor in rallying for “Hitlary” Clinton, the former Secretary of State who says, “What difference does it make!” Oh, but Beebe and the Pryor boys aren’t alone in their endorsement of former Arkansas first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes sir buddy, names on the list of Clinton’s Arkansas Leadership Council are more than 150 people with connections to government. Oh, and let’s not fail to mention that the minority group, calling itself the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus, has also endorsed this anti-gun and liberal Prima Donna. And, how about former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel; former U.S. Reps. Marion Berry and Mike Ross; former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark; James Lee Witt, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency; current and former state legislators and community leaders from across the state. What we describe this as is simply typical politics as usual where a bunch of career politicians, who are all members of what they believe is a special political fraternity, embracing their fair-haired child regardless of the tainted and controversial past. These endorsements have absolutely nothing to do with concerns or issues of the common folk but, rather the self-serving political interests of a particular party, and in this case the ultra liberal led democratic party. We know down deep in his heart that former Gov. Mike Beebe, a leader who was among the most respected and well-liked governors in Arkansas’ history, knows Clinton’s failures as secretary of state, her arrogant, “above-the-law” beliefs and actions are totally contrary to his views and values. We also know that our friend Gov. Beebe realizes that Hillary’s radical views on gun control, government policies, taxation and anti-business are contrary to how the majority of Arkansans believe. It comes as no surprise these democratic politicians want nothing to do with Bernie Sanders but, by the same token, with all the excess baggage hanging on Clinton and the controversy surrounding her one would think these politicians would simply not come out in support of either candidate. It is an absolutely shame, and the reason there is presently a growing hatred toward politicians as a whole and government in general is because these career politicians on both sides of the isle could care less about the people who put them in office in the first place. There is a voter revolt going on like we’ve never seen before and it applies to both Democrats and Republicans, as evident in what we are seeing going on in the GOP battles. Yes, we are somewhat disappointed in our friend Gov. Beebe but at the same time we understand how politics works and how party leaders must play the game. It is a darn shame, and this is exactly why we are experiencing the problems we have in this country today.


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