Trump on tour in Ark., Tenn.

GOP candidates road to Super Tuesday leads through Mid-South

By the Evening Times News Staff

Current frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, Donald Trump, will be including the Mid-South in his run-up to the massive slate of primaries on March 1, commonly referred to as “Super Tuesday.” After swinging through Nevada and Texas this week, the Trump campaign hits Oklahoma, followed by a weekend that will being the candidate within driving distance for local supporters. On Saturday, Feb. 27, Trump and his team will be in Bentonville, Arkansas for a campaign rally at the Regional Airport, located at 10480 Tyson Place, in Bentonville. The rally begins at noon. The political train will then roll east, stopping in Millington, Tennessee, for an evening rally at the Millington Regional Airport, located at 8182 Hornet Ave. That rally begins at 6 p.m. Team Trump will take Sunday off before heading south for an appearance in Huntsville, Alabama on Monday.


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