What would you do with a hundred and fifty billion?

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary

The reason I ask that question is for you to think about it for a moment. After you have pondered that question you would probably do as most people would and spend a lot of it on things that are important to you. Now you would think that our government, with all of its brilliance, would have thought that very question through and waited a long time before they returned that amount of money back to the country of Iran. Knowing the way they think about, us part of that money will be spent trying to figure the best way to make us pay for our Christian thinking, because our God and their god sure don’t match up. I know that we hear all the time what a great deal that we got with Iran on this nuclear deal that we signed, and with only what they will agree to tell us, it sounds fair-to-pretty-good. But what I want to know is, did they tell us everything that we, the American people, need to know so that we can feel as good about it as some of our leaders in Washington feel. In the past, we have seen them feel good about a lot of things that you and me wouldn’t touch, so keep that in mind. With them not considering the fact that they might use a lot of that money to build up and replenish their terrorist movement, which includes some type of nuclear weapon — and it looks like they are doing it as I write this. So now, are we to still feel good about this deal? As for as me, I think not. This is the reason that from what I see everyday, this lame-duck leader that we usually see in the last year of a term is going full steam ahead like a super duck in the wrong direction, throwing caution to the wind as far as this country is concerned. By the time that some figure it out, some of that terrorist training from that money that we returned to them might start showing up right here in this great nation of America. More and more, it seems that a lot of our leaders just can’t seem to see past the end of their noses, and folks, that is bad for all of us. When we are young and go along the road of growing into adulthood, we need mom and dad (and not a village) because we see everyday where the village has not been very helpful to our young people. So we need loving parents there to tell us to not do certain things because it’s not going to turn out good for us. And when we refuse to listen to their advice, it almost always turns out wrong. Well, that it is the same thing with our leaders because there are people put in place to tell our leaders what they should do because the ones telling them has been in that situation before but today our leaders like we did a lot times with our parents just refuse to hear anything that they are told so now we Americans have to suffer the consequences of them not listening. Mans hardened heart all the way from the garden has for the most part became hard headed and a know it all and if it only involved that one person then I guess it would be ok but when it concerns millions of other people then it makes it a totally different thing. I’m sure God tries to tell his children to not do certain things because he knows that it’s not going to be in their best interest but since we know so much better than God a lot of the time we go and do it anyway and then when we realize our failure we always want someone else or God to fix it and that’s no different than our government. You know really all we had to do a few years back was turn back to God and seek his face and he would have healed our land and made it great again and full of pride like never before but like our government we were much to smart to do that and so we go on down this road and fall deeper and deeper into this quagmire that we are in today. I believe that old Satan is becoming more and more comfortable in this country and also comfortable in a lot of our churches than at almost any other time in our history. With a lot of people that seems to be ok as long as they can have their life that they think is great with all this great technology that we have today. Not long ago I read where a big church in a big city not to far from us voted overwhelmingly to start doing and allowing things that is totally against Gods teachings in his word and so you look around you everyday and it makes you think that is just another thing that moves us a little closer to the rapture when us Christians want have to think about those type of things anymore. So God bless each one of you and yours and may God through the cross bring his peace to you. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.


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