County seeing interest in Schoettle Center

Wheeless: ‘We have three options out there’

By Mark Randall

While details are being worked out on a new tenant for the former hospital building, the county also has some bites on the Schoettle Center. “There is interest there,” said County Judge Woody Wheeless. “We have three options out there.” The Glenn P. Schoettle Center Medical Education Center is a 7,500 square foot facility which features a 76-seat auditorium and physician’s study room. Crittenden County Quorum Court Justice Lorenzo Parker said West Memphis is interested in possibly using the building for its district court. Delta Arts, a non-profit arts program, and Oak Ridge Behavioral Health Center is also interested, according to Parker. “They (Oak Ridge) were looking maybe for a one to three year lease on it and talked about using it for corporate functions,” Parker said. Justice Albert Marconi asked whether the county was able to legally lease it or whether they had to go through the Schoettle family. “Does this need to go back to the Schoettle family for approval,” Marconi asked. County Attorney Joe Rogers said the family paid to build the center, but it is located on county property. “The Schoettle family built it with their own money,” Rogers said. “But legally it belongs to the county. I think the Schoettle family should be consulted. But they don’t have a veto.” The Schoettle Center was built in 2000 and was a gift from his family in honor of his 47 years of medical practice in Crittenden County. Three of his sons are also physicians. “They have contacted me and said please preserve that center,” Wheeless said. “I’m not speaking for them. But I think they would rather see it used,” Parker added.


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