Barlow seeks JP Dist. 13 seat

Candidate pledges: ‘I am ready to work for you’

Hello to my Crittenden County family. My name is Danny Jerome Barlow and I am running for JP of District 13. I first want to thank the Evening Times Newspaper for supplying this information highway. I have lived in West Memphis Arkansas my whole life only leaving for 14 years active military service. I recently retired from the Arkansas Army National Guard with 22 total years of military service including three tours supporting the Iraqi Freedom Campaign. With God’s help I led many good Soldiers through the dangers in Iraq and brought them all back home safely. I was willing to sacrifice all for my soldiers and I am ready to sacrifice all for my citizens. A better county and a better way of living for all is my motivation. To paraphrase a quote from our great President, John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your county can do for you, but ask what you can do for your county.” Crittenden and the citizens of Crittenden is my county and I am ready to work for you. I am a servant of the people and I have always been. I’ve served for 22 years as a soldier, 11 years as a West Memphis Firefighter, 13 years as an EMT, and now 24 years as a Nurse where I am currently employed at the “GREAT” East Arkansas Family Health Center in West Memphis. My integrity is very important to me and so is the respect of the citizens of Crittenden County. A vote for me is a vote for you. I only have our county’s needs at heart. I am a loyal, honest person and my mom would have it no other way. So please vote “Danny Jerome Barlow” for Justice of the Peace District 13 in order to secure the future of all our citizens in Crittenden County and not just the future of the politician. #GETOUTANDVOTETODAY Thank you for your consideration.


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