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Before casting a vote regarding the hospital/bond tax I need a bit more information. Yearly I pay a hospital tax included on my real estate/personal property tax bill. CRH is to have utilities, security, etc., eliminated. Will that tax be deleted? If not, what excuse will be used for keeping it? Next question: Mayfair was demolished because it was vacant and an eye sore. Good. Now drive down East Broadway, a main thoroughfare, and look at the old and empty car dealerships and other buildings. Why are those not also targeted for demolition/ Downtown West Memphis appears to look like a dump because of those. [Editor’s Note: It is my understanding that the millage (which nets about $20,000 per month) for the hospital is still in place. County voters would have to request a vote on removing the millage, and I have not heard anything about that being done. The second part to your question, regarding the urban blight in West Memphis (which I assume is a separate querry altogether, as it has nothing to do with the hospital), simply comes down to two things: One, it’s a matter of funding. The city only has “x” number of dollars to spend on such projects. Two, the Mayfair property is in a residential neighborhood, and as such, probably took a little priority in regards to safety in the community. An additional hurdle with those East Broadway properties you mentioned is that while not currently housing any active businesses, as long as the property taxes are paid up and the buildings aren’t bad enough to condemn, there’s really not much the city can do]

*** The owner of the old Garr Hole building is James C. Hale III the Marion city attorney. [Editor’s Note: Umm, thanks for the info?]

*** I would just like to know if Mr. Lorenzo Parker’s voter fraud case was resolved and if so was he found guilty or did he receive a diversion, just like to know before I vote. [Editor’s Note: I’m not sure what a “diversion” is in legal terms. Mr. Parker, along with Leroy Grant, Eric Cox, Amos Sanders, and Lisa Burns were set to face state charges related to the election fraud scheme in January 2013. The case never went to trial]

*** This is in response to Wed. Feb. 17 our view. I would just like to know as others if the deal with Baptist hospitals had a no complete clause which means there can only be one hospital. If so that rules out any other hospital entertaining the thought of occupying the former hospital. [Editor’s Note: While I doubt very seriously that Baptist would insist upon a no-compete clause, I have even more serious doubts that they have anything to worry about. If someone wanted to occupy the former Crittenden Regional Hospital building, the opportunity for that has already come and gone]

*** I VOTE FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE!!! [Editor’s Note: I’m assuming you’re referring to the presidential race. If not, I’d need a little more information before weighing in. But I will say, this is not the most electrifying field of candidates I’ve ever seen. But this, I suppose, is what we get in our 21st century, Reality TV, lowest-common-denominator society]


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