Odds and Ends

By John Criner Outdoors Columnist

A few weeks ago Angels Way Baptist church had its annual wild game supper that had everything from bull frogs to buffalo to eat. The food was great. The program started with West Memphis fire chief Wayne Gately singing the National Anthem. It was tremendous and sounded like OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM should sound. The Star Spangled Banner is a great tribute to our country and it bothers me to hear some of the awful renditions that we hear on TV. Chief Gately was outstanding! Thank you Wayne. I was putting up my hunting gear for the season and I remembered that my five year old waders had starting leaking. A few minutes in icy water will remind a person that it might be time for a new pair. I stopped by to visit Toby at ANN’S on East Broadway and got a pleasant surprise. They are having a big mark down sale on most of their hunting apparel, 25% to 50% off. That includes waders, Drake Waterfowl, Rocky and other top line hunting gear. That probably includes hand warmers. Toby uses his products and can help you pick out what really works. On top of outdoor knowledge, he and his wife, Kelly take time to wait on you. No long lines. While in ANN’S I wandered back to Jimmy Evans gun smith area to see about getting some guns cleaned up for the season. Jimmy is giving a 10% discount on gun cleaning. He has a sale on ammo and steel shot was 30% off. You don’t need more shells right now, but that is a great saving and it doesn’t take much space to store a case. It sounds like I am plugging some local stores and I am. We have many neat businesses in Crittenden County and lets support them. Even though gas is much cheaper mow, save money and don’t cross over the bridge. Fishing reports are starting to come in. Trout fisherman from the hill country are catching some nice trout, especially browns. Crappie fisherman have had some success when the weather and wind allowed them to be on the water. Horseshoe and other big lakes can get dangerous very quickly. When you catch that big fish you want mounted, put it in a wet T-shirt or wet towel and freeze. It will last until you get it to Lakeside Taxidermy. It will be good for several months. Time to get those trophies out of the freezer and get them mounted at Lakeside Taxidermy. We do good work at a reasonable price. Our turn around time is very good. Especially for youth hunters. Keep safe and take the young outdoorsmen with you. You will have more fun than they do. Keep those pictures and stories coming in. I enjoy them very much. Wish I could have been with you. Papa Duck 870-732-0455 or 901-482-3430 jhcriner@hotmail.com


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