What comes to mind with the words ‘Lame Duck?’

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary

Now I just know that some of you right now have a picture in your mind of a duck with a cast on its leg, walking along on crutches. And if it didn’t come to mind then, I know it has now. Maybe some of you have seen a duck on crutches… I hear that too much strong drink will make you see a lot of things, but more than likely they are not really there, like the pink elephants. But no, that is not what I was talking about. I’m talking about a person holding a seat or position in the political side of our government for the last year of his or her elected service. As a rule, when it’s the last year of a politician’s term, he or she usually just kind of lays back and flies around on his people-provided jet, and plays some golf and hangs around with some of the Hollywood elite, does a lot of partying and enjoys the last year on our dime and tries not to do anything that would do damage to them or to the country. But every once in awhile, those rules just don’t apply, and I think that we are going through one of those times now like we did back in the middle and late 90s with one that comes to mind. That’s the reason that as I survey the state of affairs that our country is in today, I keep thinking “Why they are doing this?” I know that we hear all the time about building a legacy for history and that’s OK, but if that legacy is going to hurt the country after this person is gone, which it looks like it might, then why would they want to do this? And this is with them being so adamant about being a Christian, but with me I just don’t believe that a true Christian would do some of the things that are done to another Christian and especially to a Christian nation (regardless of what some might say, this country is). Now, if you follow any thing political, then you can take a good look today at this great country and you will see just what I’m talking about. It looks to me like we are keeping more hidden in secret from the people than they will ever let be known, and if I remember right, that is not what they were sent up there for by “We, the People.” When I look at our national debt, it is worrisome for me as far as my grand-kids are concerned, because I know that there is no way we will ever pay this off. We have reached a point where we say “$20 trillion” like it was $20, and I guess as long as it doesn’t take away anybody’s ticket price to see “Star Wars” at the movies, then I guess it will be OK. With this being an election year and November fast approaching and some that are running want to say, “If I’m elected, I will see that everyone can have everything free just for the asking,” it makes me wonder just where is all this free stuff coming from if no one has to work and can stay home and live a better life than when they were working. I sure wish someone would explain that part of it to me, and this is with all these extra people that are on the way here from all over the world. They will also be expecting to get in on this deal, and you can’t blame them for that. For most of them, it’s like hitting the big lottery. I can say one thing: I would pay good money to see this “no work, live good” deal and how they are going to pull it off. If, in November, we don’t put someone in there that truly cares about this country and its people and bring its pride back, then we might have reached that point of no return, and I know some of you are thinking America has been here before and we will come out of it again with flying colors, but in those cases, if I remember correctly, God was still welcomed here and was asked to bless this nation. I sure pray and hope that it happens but we shall see, and I’m not telling anyone how to vote or who to vote for, but if you ever needed to think this through then it’s this year. I can see where maybe not the leaders, but maybe a lot of the people all over Europe, with that mess that they have going on over there, and if they had a chance to look at this deal again, I would think they would do the whole thing different than the first time. But as I have said before, when you do things using mostly feelings then you have just upped your chance of doing it wrong again when, and if, you get another chance at it. Well, we shall see as we go on into this New Year, and may God bless you and yours as always. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.


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