Contractor wants Earle pothole job

Apollo Acres streets in need of repair

By Mark Randall

A Memphis paving company is interested in fixing the potholes in Earle. Robert Milow, who lives in Earle and works for Hollingsworth Paving, Inc., told the city council that he would like to bid on the job to fix the potholes in Apollo Acres, and any other street repair work the council might want done. “I’m concerned about potholes,” Milow said. “I just wanted to present this to you. I really would like to do the job.” The city had solicited bids to fix the holes in Apollo Acres, but the low bidder withdrew his bid because the city took too long to make a decision and wanted references. The bid was for $3,000 from Jennings Landscaping & Asphalt. The other two bids were for $15,000 from Sugg Construction and $34,000 from Baker Brothers Asphalt. Hollingsworth doesn’t do a lot of asphalt work in Arkansas, but has done jobs at Southland Gaming and Racing and Travel Center of America. “Basically what we would do is cut out the hole in a square, lay the tack so that sticks to the asphalt, and get rollers and roll over it,” Milow said. “That way you won’t have a hole.” Councilwoman Jimmie Barham said she would like to see the city prioritize the long-neglected Apollo Acres first. “It’s pretty pitiful,” Barham said. “When we have done some patching in the past we haven’t touched it. They have been the step child of the whole city. I would like for him to give us a price for that and then the whole city. We’ve been talking about this (Apollo Acres) for three or four months.” Councilman Robert Malone agreed. “Apollo Acres needs to be first,” Malone said. “Then bid to fix the bad potholes citywide.” Mayor Carolyn Jones said the whole city needs a lot of work on its streets. “Nothing has lasted,” Jones said. “Its been wasted money.” Councilman Donnie Cheers said he was pleased that Milow was interested in doing the street repair work, but said the city still has to advertise first for the job. “We have to run an ad to give everybody the opportunity,” Cheers said. “We can’t just say we’re going to give it to you.” City Clerk Cynthia Conner said she will advertise the job this week. “That way they will have it at the next meeting to open,” Conner said. Milow said the company will bid on Apollo Acres first and then tour the city and give them an estimate to fix other trouble spots. “I will put in a bid for it,” Milow said. “And if we get some nice days then we will run through the city and look at the other holes and get some paper work back to you.”


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