‘They never get too old, do they?’

Parents bail their kids out with Judge Thorne

By the Evening Times News Staff news@theeveningtimes.com

“If you are late for your court date you will be charged with open contempt of court and can be fined 30 days jail. Just the other day we had five people who had to sit until 5 o’clock because they came in late for trial,” said Judge Fred Thorne in West Memphis Municipal Court. A man in jail charged with DWI II pled not guilty to his charge. He also pled not guilty to refusal, no tags, no insurance and careless driving. “I’m getting tired of someone having a wreck with no insurance. The person they hit had a car that was paid for and then had to get a new car. Now they have a car note because the other person had no insurance. That just isn’t right,” said Judge Thorne. A man in jail was charged with animal cruelty. He was asked, “Do you have the means to hire an attorney?” “No, sir.” “It is interesting to me that you don’t have the means to hire an attorney but you have a good job. How much do you make a week?” “$750, but I have extenuating circumstances. I have a son to raise.” “It is also interesting to me that you work for a kennel and have animal cruelty charges. Go see the public defender.” A woman in jail was told, “I gave you a break and you didn’t pay your fines or court costs. If you pay your entire fine today, I’ll dismiss it. It has been four months that you haven’t paid anything. You aren’t getting another break and I AM going to remember your name.” Another woman in jail was charged with theft. She pled no contest. “You were stealing at Walmart. Were you going out? You stole eyeliner, styling gel and other stuff. Now you could go to jail for a year.” “I put it back. I knew the man was watching me.” “Do you have a job?” “Yes, but not for long.” “Are your friends getting free fried chicken at the Dodge’s Store?” “Maybe.” “Don’t tell me anymore! $250 plus court costs, one year suspended to six months probation. Review on April 25th. If you complete the probation and pay the fine I’ll take it off your record.” A man in jail was asked, “Did you just get out of jail and then get these other tickets?” “Yes, sir.” “Go see the public defender.” Two men in the jail were called up together. “How do you plead to theft?” “No contest,” said the first man. “No contest,” said the second man. “You came from Texas to our Walmart to steal $32 worth of baby clothes. Why would you steal baby clothes?” “I got them for my godson,” said the second man. “And you stole hair products? Why did you pick our Walmart in West Memphis to steal from.” “Just passing through.” “Well that got you each $500 plus court costs.” A young man in the courtroom was charged with driving left of center. He pled no contest. “Did you have a wreck?” “No, sir. I was reaching for something in the seat and the policeman was coming toward me and saw me cross the line.” “What are you doing with your life?” “I’m going to college.” “What kind of grades do you make?” “Good grades.” “What are you going to be?” “Maybe a physical therapist.” “Go to driver’s school and I’ll keep it off your record. Continue to go to college. Do good.” A man in the courtroom was charged with no tags and pled no contest. “My tags expired in December but the car was broke down. I was headed to the shop when I got stopped.”“Did you get it fixed?” “No, I got to get a whole new car.” “Pay the court costs and I’ll dismiss it.” A woman involved in a wreck pled no contest to careless driving and no insurance. “Did you have insurance when the wreck happened?” “Yes.” The bailiff read off the dates the insurance was good for and it was one year. “Go call the insurance company and see if her insurance is good. Lots of times people who have year policies pay one month and then drop the policy.” After awhile the bailiff said the insurance was good. “$50 plus court costs on the careless driving and $55 plus court costs on the insurance. Go to driver’s school and we will keep this off your record.” A woman in the courtroom was charged with failure to yield and pled guilty. “I was going east on Broadway and was trying to turn left on Missouri Street. The car was in my blind spot and it knocked my mirror off.” “Are you retired?” “Yes, but I work part time. I drive a bus for Kids for the Future.” “$25 plus court costs and go to driver’s school. Thank you for being so nice.” A woman charged with expired tags pled no contest. “How long have your tags been expired?” “Two weeks.” “I’ll let you choose between two options. You can pay $45 plus court costs or you can go to driver’s school on Saturday and pay $35 but you have to tell your class that you have to go to school on Saturday.” “I’ll take the $35 and I’ll tell them.” A man was charged with no driver’s license, no insurance and no tags. He pled no contest to all charges. “How old are you?” “22.” “Why were you in West Memphis?” “I was with a friend.” “A girlfriend.” “She is just a friend.” His father stepped up for him. “Sir, why was he driving when he had no license?” “She was supposed to be driving. It was her car.” “$55 plus court costs on the driver’s license. $250 plus court costs on the insurance. I’ll dismiss the tags. Father, are you going to pay this?” “Yes.” “They never get too old, do they?” A woman was called up. “What did you say your name was?” She repeated her name. “In Proctor we call that Sadie. In France you call it Sa-Dee. You have some serious charges. How do you plead to assault?” “Not guilty.” “Criminal mischief?” “Not guilty.” “Was this over some old man?” “Yes.” “See you at your trial.” A woman in court was charged with theft and pled no contest. “Where do you live?” “Eads, Tennessee.” “Why would you come to this Walmart?” “My nephew drove me over here.” “You stole a lot of stuff. Clothing, pillows and much more.” “My nephew gave me some stuff. I was supposed to put him in a rehab.” “Is he the manager at Walmart?” “No.” “Do you have a record?” “No.” “$750 plus court costs and one year suspended sentence.”


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