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Not sure if the “Times” has any inside leverage with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department but I think everyone who reads this and travels US 64 daily will agree with me. Whoever is in charge of setting the traffic lights at US 64 and State Highway 118 (College Road) needs his/her head examined. (Not to mention the lights at the Interstate service roads.) US 64 is the primary route and should have the right of way (green light). The only time 118 should be green is when oncoming traffic triggers the sensors either from College and/or Gavin roads. This has been a thorn in my flesh for some time now…especially when I have to sit at the red light on 64 while 118 is green and there is absolutely no traffic at all. It’s so bad that I purposely plan a couple of minutes additional travel time when I travel that route…and 4-5 minutes for the service road monstrosity…Any help in getting these looked at would be greatly appreciated. That’s my vent, and as always: “Thanks and keep up the good work.” [Editor’s Note: If I spoke my peace about the traffic signals around here, we’d have to publish a “Text the Times” Special Edition. I have recently discovered the absolute worst place in Crittenden County to catch a red light is coming south (past Marion Market Place and Flash Marker) on the I-55 Service Road. Not only does the light seem to forget you are there, it’s really hard to figure out which lane is the right one to turn left from. As for us having any inside leverage, this is about alls we gots]

*** Can someone please provide for the tax payers of this county the specifics of the one cent sales tax that is going to raise $30 million dollars in the next five years. What I have read says it is to support the hospital. So what kind of support are we giving Baptist hospital a profit organization? Are we building the hospital with these funds? Are we paying for equipment that is needed with these funds. Desk chairs, x-ray machines, etc.? Are we paying salaries with these funds? We the taxpayer would like the specifics? We would like to know what our money is paying for. I am for the hospital but just would like to get the specifics and not just that we are supporting the hospital. One other comment. I know Mr. Wheeless has worked hard to try and sell the old hospital. We do appreciate him in those efforts but The tax payers have spent $800,000. This is enough already shut her down. Oh wait one more thing. Thank you text the times for allowing us to have a voice!!! [Editor’s Note: Hopefully, you saw the ballot measure in today’s paper that will give you a better idea of how the money can be spent. And to your second point, I believe the plug is about to be pulled on the old hospital]

*** Re: The Garr Hole building is a plywood shack in the middle of town square. What do you mean restoration? It’s a dump! [Editor’s Note: Well, honestly, I was being sort-of sarcastic. Sadly, there’s no “sarcasm” font. I was being serious about there being plans (at least at one time) to turn that area into a town square/historic district. The Garr Hole can probably go, though]


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