Hope House, Avondale team up

Kids collect more than 900 cans of food

By John Rech news@theeveningtimes.com

Hope house received a haul of canned goods from the kindergarten and first grade students at Avondale Elementary School. For the sixth consecutive year the school collected canned goods as part of marking their 100th day of classes. In all the kids at the Marion District school in West Memphis brought in just over 900 cans and pantry goods and delivered them to Hope Ministries in West Memphis. Hope House Ministries Founder and Director Mary Gibbs heaped thanks on the students and spread the word about the mission of the ministry. “We really appreciate the young kids at the school think about others and providing food for the hungry,” said Gibbs. “This is the sixth straight year the school has helped us. If we had to buy all this at the store it would cost well over $1000.” Gibbs said the cans would keep the group in supply for almost two months of hand outs. “Everyone should know that when some one comes in here, they will hear the gospel,” said Gibbs. “Most of this food will go to the elderly, those the age of the grandparents and great grandparents of the Avondale kids. The senior citizens in our county are in great need. The students really help them out.” If you’d like to donate or help at Hope House call Gibbs at (901) 337-1801.


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