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Are you going to do LoveLines this year? [Editor’s Note: I’ve been informed that yes, we are (although I had to ask what, exactly, that was. So, for the uninitiated, you can put a little special note in the paper for your Valentine’s Day sweetie. Drop by the Times office, e-mail classified@theeveningtimes.com today with your message. Better hurry, though… Thursday at noon is the deadline] *** I just want to know why the city of West Mephis can’t clean up north 7th street. It is littered with trash and grown up grass. It is a sore eye to West Memphis and not to mention the awful road condition. The street condition is awful. [Editor’s Note: I guess it’s the price of progress. As 7th Street has grown into a major gateway over the past few years with all of the development, it has become more of a trash magnet and the roads have seen more wear and tear. Hopefully, before long, warmer weather will be here and lead to a little spring cleaning] *** Has anyone seen the marion fox lately? [Editor’s Note: Maybe he’s hibernating? I did spot the Marion Possum coming out from under my shed last week. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised to see the other, though] *** In regard to the RiverPAC improvements, why not fix the stage floor surface first for the dance competitions. Then the dressing rooms & restrooms off-stage would be better with some new furniture & counters. The restrooms & entry areas near the offices & general seating areas are great already especially since all local art was added. Lets bring in some local music acts or do movies there to help pay for the upkeep of the place. We have a real diamond in the rough here that just needs a little polishing to bring great results. [Editor’s Note: I think, from what I gather, is that the stage surface and the dressing rooms draw the biggest complaints. I really hope the city can get that facility booming. It really could be a draw for these and other big events] *** Why has the old Garr Hole building not been torn down? What a horrible eyesore right here in the middle of town. It’s shameful!! [Editor’s Note: Do you mean the historic Marion town square? That’s not getting torn down. It does need some restoration done though… even more than the RiverPAC] *** Hospital location is fine! I am voting March 1 for 1 cent sales tax we need a hospital because with one bridge closing traffic will be difficult at times for emergency & we need our own hospital. We have justices & atty. to work the deal. Let’s pray & vote. I hope there will be early voting a week before at the court house. Believe me Memphis is not eager for Ark. Patients. Thanks evening times for all your information! [Editor’s Note: Early voting begins Tuesday, Feb. 16 for the hospital tax vote and all of the other elections. Since you mentioned the still-looming I-55 bridge closure, I’ll point out that the hospital isn’t expected to open until 2018. With the bridge closure scheduled for later this year, it’s still a potential nightmare for us on this side of the bridge] *** There is an epidemic in Horseshoe Lake. We have all these people stealing from our government, they draw disability but still work and make money. These people drawing disability don’t need it and some of them get foodstamps too. How can these people think this is right, hell they make more than anybody out here by screwing our government. Someone needs to send some investigators out here! This is why people that need it and deserve can’t get it! [Editor’s Note: I hope by “investigators,” you mean police investigators and not newspaper investigators, because that sounds pretty serious. If you have legitimate concerns (or more importantly, proof) of wrongdoing, I’d recommend contacting the Arkansas State Police or the Sheriff’s Department] *** Editor. Your reply to my text about driving past one grocery store to get to another, is… shall we say: “disingenuous” to put it mildly. Most people shop where they get the biggest bang for their buck. That goes for groceries, cars, air fares..well, you get my drift. Last I checked, the store we are speaking of “ain’t it”. One thing I will say without fear, nor favor: you’re a little rough around the edges. But with a little spit & polish… you’d probably make a good politician (if there is such thing) PS: The person who texted about all of the negativity about the Earle mayor is spot on. Think of how our President has been treated/disrespected for the last 7 years. Shameful, just shame full “WE ALL KNOW WHY” Don’t we? [Editor’s Note: I guess this is just going to be one of those “agree to disagree” things, because your opinion is no more or no less valid than mine. No politics for me, though… I’ve seen how bad the editor at the newspaper talks about them] *** To the “low info” texter who meaned mouthed me for mean mouthing the “honorable potentate” Woody Wheeless. You’ve got more nerves than a hollow tooth to ask; who do I think got BAPTIST here. BAPTIST & THE GOOD LORD–GOT BAPTIST HERE. It might be hard, but try to visualize where we would be now, with a real leader. The new Hospital would be on it’s way up by now. How much $$$ is down the rat hole on keeping that dump maintained and voting on taxes Maybe we just have a different definition of a good leader. Another “Ole boy proclaimed –MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” See what it got us? That almost happened here in W-MEM IMHO [Editor’s Note: So, if I’m understanding the parallels here in these two texts… Mayor Carolyn Jones is Barack Obama, and Judge Woody Wheeless is George W. Bush? Again, not trying to invalidate anyone’s opinion, but I guess you’re right. We do indeed appear to “have a different definition of a good leader”] *** This is 65 Lynn Cove. Have not received paper today again. [Editor’s Note: So sorry! I have given your info to the Circulation Department. Thanks for texting in. Hope there are no more issues] *** People take a look. Wal-Mart came to Marion and they make the gas station adapt to their prices. [Editor’s Note: I don’t care who deserves the credit, I’m all for a gas-price war. I just read an article that competition in some town in Michigan had prices down to like 48 cents last week] *** Most people in our society lives from paycheck to paycheck. With that being said, how can the Earle Mayor and council say that they care about the people of Earle. When your employees who are not making very much money and they find out the day before payday that their check will be $30.63 per for insurance that the council voted on. That is a total of $122.52 per month. The mayor and council should have given these people some advance notice. Another example of the lack of concern and selfishness of our current administration. [Editor’s Note: Without knowing what employees were paying before, I really can’t weigh in on this issue. I will say that $122.52 per month for (health?) insurance seems like a pretty decent rate, so I’d say if you think you’re getting a raw deal from the city, you should look into purchasing insurance through a private provider] *** I appreciate the two articles in Monday’s edition stressing the importance of learning about judge candidates before voting. What resources can one use to look at a judge candidate’s record and character? [Editor’s Note: Outside of simply “Googling” their names (which is actually pretty effective), “Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics” is an excellent resource. It’s even customizable by state. Check it out at http://ballotpedia.org%5D *** What is the process for auditing city employee time clocks? [Editor’s Note: If you mean logic and accuracy testing, the HR department at one place I used to work would have someone come out twice a year (I think when Daylight Saving Time started and ended) and test them. If you mean some kind of time clock-to-paycheck comparison, the “Municipal Accounting Handbook” is available online at http://www.arklegaudit.gov, and it contains a full section on Arkansas Municipal League payroll and accounting policy] *** Ok that’s it can’t be quiet any longer some one posted the other day about Kelly O’Neal flying south on votes with the Marion city counsel when every one else flew north! Now let’s get to the Lisa O’Neal flying south on the new Baptist hospital deal. What’s really going on? Or is it she didn’t get to make the land deal and collect that commission! JMO! [Editor’s Note: I’m not gonna lie, I got a little nervous about the Baptist deal falling apart when there seemed to be a little too much in-fighting about some of the agreement deals. I’m not saying I thought anyone did anything wrong, but it made me a little anxious. Having said that, it seemed more like quorum court justices Ronnie Sturch and Vickie Robertson were the ones raising the most issues with Baptist. Justice O’Neal was concerned primarily with stressing the need for oversight in light of what happened with Crittenden Regional. And at $80,000 an acre, I’d be happy to have that commission, too. *And for those looking to keep up with the latest “text-ese” lingo, I had to look up “JMO,” and it turns out it’s “just my opinion,” a close cousin to IMHO] *** I was wondering, why, the E M room doesn’t appear to have a more direct, into, the hospital? Thanks [Editor’s Note: If you’re referring to the Emergency Room and the new Baptist Hospital, you must have seen a more detailed conceptual plan than I have. I haven’t seen anything labeled “ER” on any plans. I would assume the architects and planners know what they’re doing (unless they hire the firm that designed that one intersection in Marion… you know the one I mean] *** I want to commend Walter Williams on his article on blacks and the confederacy. I read his column almost everyday. If both black and white would read it we could all have a better idea of each races feelings. I believe he is truly fair in his writings. [Editor’s Note: Mr. Williams has the ability, by being black, to say some things about race that a white columnist with similar views can not, and probably should not, say. As and African-American conservative, he’s still a fairly rare breed, and we are happy to publish his opinion pieces] ***


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