Hold on… Cold cheese dip is bizarre?

Travel Channel show highlights Pancho’s signature side

By Ralph Hardin ralphhardin@gmail.com

Those with a “taste” for the exotic may already be familiar with Andrew Zimmern, but for the uninitiated, Zimmern travels the globe in search of unique flavors for his show on The Travel Channel, “Bizarre Foods.” While Crittenden County residents might not share the opinion, it seems as though Pancho’s cheese dip fits that bill. Citing its unique “serve cold” presentation and signature flavor, Pancho’s dip was enough to lure Zimmern to town and feature the dip and the restaurant that serves it, Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant, the original, opened in West Memphis in 1956. The segment, which can be viewed online at http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/bizarre-foods-delicious-destinations/video/pancho-s-cheese-dip, highlights the cheese dips origins, manufacturing process and local appeal. The show also features a number of local diners enjoying Pancho’s dip and nachos and and an interview with General Manager Tim Wallace about the dip’s production, popularity and history.


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