Election Commission seeking poll workers

Board expecting high turnout for March 1 voting

By Ralph Hardin ralphhardin@gmail.com

The Crittenden County Election Commission is looking for people to work at the polls for the upcoming March 1 Preferential Primary and Nonpartisan Judicial elections. Election Commissioners believe that combination of the early primary date combined with a large number of Presidential candidates will create a higher than normal turnout. “Our goal is to make the voting process as easy as possible,” said Commissioner Frank Barton. Poll workers must meet the following criteria: They must be a qualified elector of the State of Arkansas. They must be able to read and write the English language. They must be a resident of the precinct in which he or she serves at the time of his or her appointment, unless the county board determines unanimously that it is impossible to obtain qualified election officials from the precinct – in which case, the election official may be a qualified county resident. Poll worker candidates must not have been found guilty or pled guilty or nolo contendere to the violation of any election law of this state. They must not be paid employees of any political party. They must not be paid employees of any person running for office. They must not be a candidate for any office to be filled at an election while serving as an election official. They must not be married to or related (within the second degree of consanguinity) to any candidate running for office in the current election, if objection to the service is made to the county board of election commissioners within ten calendar days after posting the list of election officials. Applications are available online at http://www.crittcopollworkers.com, by telephoning the office 870-514-5501, or pickup at the Election Commission office, located at 100 Court Street, in Marion, in the County Office Annex, adjacent to the courthouse.


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