West Memphis seeing a little green from lawn liens

City pushing for more collections on grass-cutting services

By John Rech news@theeveningtimes.com

Readers have seen repeatedly, pages and pages of grass cutting liens placed by the city of West Memphis in The Evening Times. Just like the unkempt summertime grass, the number of neglected lawns in the city has grown. In an effort to keep West Memphis properly trimmed, word came from City Hall that not only were there a record number of lawns mowed by the city, but also the response to the public notices began immediately in netting payments. City Planner Paul Luker told City Council last week how the notices had an impact on collections. “We had published a list of 998 lots that we cut this year,” said Luker. “Since those notices ran in the paper, we’ve had 155 that have come in and paid.” “People have commented about the large number of publications,” said Mayor Bill Johnson. City Council then passed a resolution dealing with yet another list of grass liens and set them for publication. “This is the third bunch we’ve sent to the paper. I’m scared to think what we’ve spent there dealing with the grass liens,” said Luker Councilwoman Helen Harris took note of some of the names on the list. “Many of those lot owners have died,” said Harris. “Some own several lots but have moved out of state,” added Johnson. Seeing your name in the paper on a lien isn’t the only thing that has motivated homeowners to pay up according to Luker. “Since the tax collector has started to include this on their bill the last couple of years, we are getting some more people to pay up,” said Luker.


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