WMFD looking for new recruits

Firefighter agility testing April 2

By John Rech news@theeveningtimes.com

The West Memphis Fire Department is looking for some new recruits. At its January meeting, Fire Commissioners heard the call for more applicants. With a deadline for applications approaching and agility testing slated for qualified applicants, Fire Department leaders said openings needed to be filled. Online applications are available at westmemphishr.com or at the Utilities Building at 604 East Cooper. Hopeful firefighters are must apply by Jan. 29. The spring agility tests are slated for April 2. “Once the January application deadline is reached we will send out letters to the applicant about the agility test,” said Chief Wayne Gately. The department provides a complete preview of the test so prospective firefighters can get into condition during February and March. “We also send a copy of the agility test with the letter,” said Gately. Last year the department filled eight openings. A starting firefighter earns more than $31,000 per year wage plus benefits.


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