Girls Club stats and scores

Pee-Wee Division Fenter Physical Therapy Pink Panthers 6 All-Stars 4 Fenter topped the All-Stars behind 2 points from Reese Jackson while Bella Armstrong hit for 4. Labor Ready Celtics 10 Fenter Physical Therapy Lady Panthers 2 The Celtics got 5 points from Arabelle White and 4 from Madison Dunn 4 while the Lady Panthers got 1 point from Maziyah Clark. T-shirt Division Crittenden Recycling Grizzlies 19 Hot Shots 13 Kendall Brasfield hit for 5 points and Jordyn Wilkerson posted 9 for the Grizzlies in their win against the Hot Shots. The Hots Shots got 4 apiece from Emiley Thorne and Madison Byrd. Allison-Reinke Lady Grizz 20 Flash Market Dynamite 3 The Lady Grizz got 7 points from Madelyn Allison 7 and 6 from Lilliam Dickey while Maggie and Chloe Miller hit for 1 point apiece for the Dynamite. Allison-Reinke Lady Grizz 9 Crittenden County Recyclying Grizzlies 5 The Lady Grizz got 4 points from Madelyn Allison and 2 points apiece from Kylie Percell and Lillian Dickey while the Grizzlies got 4 points from Kendall Brasfield and 1 from Madison. CLP Grizzlies 14 Lady Tigers Shelly 13 The Grizzlies got 6 points apiece from Taylor Little and Masiyah Rucks while Nyasia Lemmons scored 5 and Taylor Brossett hit for 6 in the Grizzlies’ thrilling win. Labor Ready Celtics 5 All-Stars 2 Madison Dunn posted 4 points and Annabelle White scored 1 to outlast the All-Stars, who got a point apiece rom June Hickey and Bella Armstrong. Junior Division CLP Grizzlies 15 Pizza Pro Shooting Stars 14 The Grizzlies won a tight game thanks to 6 points from Taylor and Masiya Ruck while the Shooting Stars got 6 points from Samantha Holt and Abbie Grace Nelson added 4. Lady Razorbacks 23 Lady Tigers 18 The Lady Razorbacks won a high-scoring affair thanks to Kelsey Baker’s 13 points. Ny’Asia Lemons hit for 10 points and Taylor Brossett added 4 for the Lady Tigers.


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