Our View: Give an inch and they’ll take a mile

The recent action on the part of the Arkansas Board of Correction that now allows convicted murderers, rapists and hard-core felons get away with growing beards as long as they want and head hair of any length is a prime example of what is going wrong in this country today. The disgusting situation that existed in Ferguson, Mo., the lawlessness in New York, Chicago and the hatred by minorities toward law enforcement can be directly attributed to liberal lawmakers, judges, and particularly President Obama, deliberately trying to dismantle the moral philosophy and ethical values of this country. On the home front, this spineless Board of Correction voted 4-to-2 with members Bobby Glover and Buddy Chadick dissenting. Glover made the comment, “It’s gotten to where the inmates are running the prison.” Glover went on to say, “They can have a beard down to their knees and hair down to the back of their knees. I just feel the inmates have taken over. I’m not afraid of lawsuits. Let them bring them.” We have reached a critical tipping point that has sparked a dramatic call among the once silent majority for change as now being clearly demonstrated on the GOP presidential quest and the enormous popularity of a non-traditional political candidate by the name of Donald Trump. This latest ridiculous prison policy change is a classic example of those bureaucrats, judges and lawmakers we have in decision making positions kowtowing to radical fringe elements which are causing civil unrest, disobedience, disregard for authority and the laws. We should all be sick of it and make it absolutely clear to politicians from the local level all the way up to those we elect to represent us in Washington that we will not accept bowing to the pressures of these radical minorities or threats of legal retaliation, as is the case right here in Arkansas. We’re told this latest policy change within the Arkansas prison system comes after this weak-kneed board in February lifted its prohibition on facial hair and sadly agreed to allow it only for inmates who could prove a “deeply held” religious believe. Well, in January last year, the U.S. supreme Court sided with inmate Gregory Houston Holt, who goes by the name of Abdul Maalik Muhammad, in a lawsuit filed against the Arkansas Department of Correction because he was not allowed to grow a half-inch beard for religious reasons. Well folks, the flood gates swung wide open and since that time, about 5,600 – more that a third of the state’s male prison inmates – all of a sudden claimed to be of the Muslim faith. So now, because of this ridiculous high court decision we have a bunch of prison bureaucrats simply submitting to the pressures of these hardened criminals and almost at the point of handing them the keys to their cells. Our dedicated law enforcement officers are getting killed, beaten up, fired and even arrested because of weak leadership. Our soldiers are video taped on their knees by a bunch of rag-tag Iranian goons because of weak leadership among their ranks and Washington, and many of our major cities have been overrun by criminals because of weak leadership among liberals. It is time the message be made vividly clear to those we have in leadership positions at all levels that we will no longer tolerate liberal political incompetence that is now running rampant.


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