Learn the ‘calls the frogs’

Free workshop Saturday at Parkin Archeological Park

From Ryan Smith, Park Interpreter Parkin Archeological State Park

Around these parts, we’re used to calling the hogs. But this weekend, you can hop on over to Parkin Archeological State Park to learn a call of a different kind. Parkin Archeological State Park is hosting a free Frog Watch USA volunteer training session from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23. Eastern Arkansas is home to many species of frogs that can be heard from the very first warm days in spring through summer. Unfortunately, many frog species are on the decline. Frog Watch USA is an organization made up of volunteers that is trying to stop this. One way they are doing this is by having volunteers monitor frog calls in their home region. More volunteers are needed in eastern Arkansas to get an idea of what frogs are out there and how their numbers are changing. Volunteers need to attend a session where they will receive training on identifying calls. There is no charge for this event. Pre-registration is required and for this or any other questions please telephone at 870-755-2500 or email at ryan.smith@arkansas.gov.


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