Grant nets new water tank, generator for Turrell

Mayor ‘very happy for the community’

By Mark Randall

Turrell will soon be getting its new water tank and back-up generator. Mayor Dorothy Cooper met with representatives from Arkansas Natural Resources Council and the winning bidder last week in Little Rock to sign the paperwork to get a new hydro-pneumatic water tank to help its ailing water system. “I signed the paperwork and it has been ordered,” Cooper said. The city received a $150,000 grant last July from ARNC to buy the pump. Turrell has had constant problems with its water pump. The pump stopped working due to an electrical problem and the city was placed on a boil order. The hydro-pneumatic holds about 2,000 gallons of water at a time and provides water to the city during times when the main pump shuts down. The tank holds water and air under pressure and regulates the system to quickly meet water demands. The back-up generator attached to the tank will help keep the city supplied with water in the event of a shut down. The water pump shuts down about three times a year and has been a headache for Turrell for a number of years. The city also needs a new water tank, which Cooper said she is still working on, as well as state funds to replace the entire water system. “We still have some water issues,” Cooper said. “But this is one issue that has been resolved and I am very happy for the community.” The total cost of the project is $206,000. Turrell will be responsible for paying $50,000 through a loan.


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