Mayfair demolition moving on along

Tear-down of blighted property ahead of schedule

By John Rech

The demolition of the Mayfair Apartments is moving ahead of schedule. The era of the eyesore that has blighted East Barton Avenue in West Memphis for a decade moves ever closer to the end. After years of wondering who actually owned the place and hearing repeated promises to revive the property only to have hopes dashed, City Council moved to condemn the property and fund the demolition last summer. City Planner Paul Luker brought a progress report to City Council during the council’s first meeting of the year on Jan. 7. He told councilors he was delighted with the progress. He praised both the speed and the quality of the work, indicating the work was clean and well-organized. The work appeared more than half done on Tuesday. The project was organized into three phases and the city settled up for phase one. “The first phase finished before Christmas and I thought they did a real good job,” said Luker. “They started back after the New Year on what we called the second phase.” “He has it half done and we’ve paid him for one third of it,” said Mayor Bill Johnson. “He has completed more than he has been paid for. He has done a good job.” The work order called for removing the buildings and an immaculate lot and cleared slabs mark the path to completion. Delighted with the quality results thus far, the mayor looked to his wish list. “I wish now we had enough money to have dug those slabs out, too” said Johnson.


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