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As to the sign posted by administration at richland elementary I applaud them. I volunteer at schools in two different counties and find soda/beer cans, broken glass, bottles, and personal items that definitely shouldn’t be seen by our children due to disrespectful people with no respect for themselves or the property of others. So would you rather them continue to let them have access and tangle the swings and throw them over the poles for the school/pta (us) to have to pay and replace for our kids? Think of it this way – do you want people in your yard using your pool, grill, or kids b-ball goal or other things while you’re not home and w/o your permission??? [Editor’s Note: Taking emotion completely out of the equasion, the sign (and your opinion on the sign) make perfect sense. For anyone looking for non-school playground alternatives, there are a dozen city parks in West Memphis and three in Marion]

*** Avondale sign states, children may use playground after school hours only when accompanied by a parent. [Editor’s Note: That seems fair enough. I do wonder, though, with any of these school playground policies, if they’re being enforced. I mean, if it’s Saturday afternoon and some kids are playing on the Richland playground (or the Avondale playground without adult supervision) and a policeman drives by, is he going to run them off? Or if there’s someone from the school there working, is he or she going to call the cops?]

*** I’ve been seeing a lot of typos in the paper lately. Might be time to check the prescription on your glasses. [Editor’s Note: Sigh… believe me, no one hates typos more than I do (well, except maybe my wife, the English teacher), and any time one gets through, I just want to punch myself. I do at least take solace in the facts that, 1) we catch most of the typos before we go to press, and 2) a quick Google search for “newspaper typos” will show you that everyone from the “Wall Street Journal” to the “Podunk Courier” has a typo or two every week or so. I will say, when it’s a front page headline, it’s especially head-smacking, like a recent story that described “Crittenten County.” Sometimes the eyes just glaze over words like those that you read hundreds of times. My old boss once explained it like this: There are about 7,000 words in any given paper. Even if you miss five typos a week, thats 5 out of 35,000 words read. I feel OK about a 99.99985714 level of accuracy]

*** I just read MY TEXT TO THE TIMES!! FUNNY HOW MY COMMENT CONCERNING CRITTENDEN COUNTY DHS WAS EXCLUDED!! WHY IS THAT? I HAVE DELT WITH THEM FOR MONTHS!! BELIEVE ME I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE THAT OUT!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! WE DO HAVE THAT!! I will be canceling my paper with the times!! AS WE TAXPAYERS HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! DHS STRIPPED THOSE FROM US!!!! YOU CHOOSE TO PRINT WHAT YOU WANT!! NOT THE TRUTH!!!! BELIEVE ME, MY FAMILY HAS BEEN LIVING THIS NIGHTMARE WITH DHS!!! PRINT THIS!! I will be canceling my paper with the times!! TEXTING THE TIMES IS NOTHING BUT A JOKE!!!!!! [Editor’s Note: You’re going to think I’m making fun of you, but I’m not, because I can tell from your use of ALL CAPS that you’re angry. You have to understand that by the very definition of my job, as Editor, I “edit” the newspaper. You should know that “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” doesn’t actually mean you can say whatever you want. I edit your comment because it was given with no context or factual circumstance, and thus potentially libelous. Of course, I may be wasting my time with this explanation, if you did, indeed, cancel your subscription]

*** kudos to the West Memphis street dept for fixing the hump at the edge of 7th street N. Bridge by the new behavior Clinic. I complained about three months ago and now this is my thank you! Now no hub caps lost or tooth fillings loose. ha ha! I’ve made a New Years resolution not to complain about things that can be brought to other sources attention that could possibly fix the problem besides the Times text. But don’t hold me to it because I’ve learned from politicians in Washington DC; tell the public what they want to hear and then back up and do or say what is best for you. This year, instead of going to Disney World; I plant to visit Obama’s World Besides; I’ve never met a real king before. If Hillary gets elected Queen in 2017; I would have learned a good lesson; “IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE.” Then we could possibly hire Bill to come to our community to give a speech on “How To Get Rich Giving Speeches.” Surely we could raise Five hundred thousand dollars to hear this gifted and informative speech. For booking info call Hillary. It’s the same number she had at the State Dept and same e-mail. This is all my personal views texted to the Times. [Editor: Are you sure? Is this all of them? I only ask because it certainly seemed like you had a lot to say. I will be honest and let you know it started out fine, but you sort of went “down the rabbit hole,” as they say, about a third of the way through]

*** I will be running for city council in earle in the next election, I didn’t know they were making that kind of money to do nothing. [Editor’s Note: I don’t have the numbers in front of me for Marion, but West Memphis city council members make $800 per month, and that includes not one but two monthly meetings, as well as attendance at various council and committees — and West Memphis is 10 times the size of Earle. It is kind of ridiculous. Since most of the Earle council agreed to a pay cut, perhaps they could go ahead and pass an ordinance to reduce the council’s salary permanently?]

*** I’ve been getting my paper on time! Thanks! [Editor’s Note: I don’t know if you’re one of the folks that was having an issue or not, but it’s good to know. Any time any of our subscribers has trouble with their paper delivery, please let us know. Thanks!]


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