Marion will build shed over new pump

Structure not a part of original project plans

By Mark Randall

Marion Water and Sewer committee will recommend the city go ahead and spend $21,000 to build a shed over its new forced main water pump at the city’s sewer pond. Mayor Frank Fogleman said the city received one bid and he will be asking the city council’s permission to sign the contract. “We will be able to pay for this out of the loan money we received for the project,” Fogleman said. The building was estimated to cost $10,000 to $11,000. Councilman Kelly O’Neal renewed his objection to having to pay the additional money for the new shed, claiming that Bond Engineering should have included it in the bid specs when the city built the pipeline to the Mississippi River. “They are the ones who drew up the spec,” O’Neal said. “Why wasn’t it in the specs?” The building will help keep the pumps from freezing and being struck by lightning. The bid does not include the cost to build a fence around the city’s water lagoons, which was estimated to cost about $18,000. On a related matter, Fogleman said the recently approved water rate hike will show up on the February bill. Customers will see about a $7 a month increase on their bill. The city approved a rate hike in order to pay for a $2.5 million water filtering plant. Residents will now be paying $5 for the first 2,000 gallons or $1.50 more; $1.15 for the next 5,000 gallons or 30 cents more; and $1.05 for anything over 5,000 gallons, also an increase of 30 cents from the old rates. The rates were based on the need to pay the $27,000 a month it will take the city to pay back the loan to build the filter plant.


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