2016 — Ready or not here we come!

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary

I know if you are like me, you made a lot of resolutions for the coming year. And they may be the same ones that you made last year (and the year before) but you say to yourself, “This time I’m serious.” Yeah, and put me down for that also. I’m trying really hard to not laugh here. But with me, I’m not a total pessimist. I believe you can do at least one out of the ten things. Now on to more important things… I have being doing a lot of thinking now that we are in the new year, and some of the things that I see on TV and read have started me to thinking, “Is this going to be a trend in the coming year?” I’m talking about this group of immigrants that Canada sent a plane down into South America somewhere loaded them up and then flew them back to the country of Canada. And when the plane landed, there were so many people that were there to hug and welcome them to their new home and this was just the first load of many to follow. Now I believe that the vetting that was done on these people was very limited and there was not a lot of information on them to be safe about it. One of the things that I look at is the fact that there is nothing that would keep them from walking across our border. You can take a look at how all of those that have crossed our southern border that are still here and are not going anywhere, and I don’t care what anyone says about them being good people. Because of the way that we vet them, with all the information that we can find out and a lot of that could very easily be a lie. Remember the woman killer in California? So we don’t know if they are good people for sure and then when something bad happens then it is too late to say we should have known better. We have a lot of people in America that just can’t help but operate with total feelings only. So when I think deep into this movement, it just might be the coming thing, with so many little boys and little girls being abused by the ones that bring them up through South America and Mexico, as well as some of the men that traveling with them. So will it now be the coming thing that we take a lot of our military transport planes and go get them? And that way we feel so much better about ourselves. Let me say that I’m not a hard-hearted person, and I don’t go around kicking little puppies just because I can. I feel bad about all these people in some of these other countries. As I have said before, God is the answer to all the world problems, but I’m not naïve enough to think that everyone, everywhere will turn to God, because we are dealing with fallen man. But it does prove that with man’s hardened heart, this is what you get with out the spirit of God moving in and taking control. When you think about what happened with the flood, it showed the wrath of God and what can happen when he gets angry. Oh yeah, he can get angry — remember “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord?” I know no one likes to think about all the little children and babies that had never done anything to God because of them being young enough to have not thought anything bad, but with God he knows what is best for all of us. If we as a blessed nation through the years had brought the true gospel to the world like we should have done (and some did like Billy Graham, but not enough) then I assure you things would have been different today. But as always, man thinks he knows what is better and so it goes on, generation after generation. Now I personally believe we live in the worst generation of all. From what I see, it’s getting to a point where a lot of the churches today are letting the world come in and be comfortable there, and that is just not going to play well with God. So some of you preachers out there better take a good look around and take a good look at your life and see if you are doing what God would have you doing when he makes that return trip here. And I’m talking about all churches and not just one denomination. So I really do hope that God has a special blessing for you and yours and a special blessing for America again in the coming year. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.


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