The Halfway Point of Hunting Season

By John Criner Outdoors Columnist

Christmas has now come with its many pleasure and goodies. Think about all the new guns and hunting equipment that you dreamed about and how nice it was for Santa to bring them on his reindeer sled. But that sled was fully loaded! The little hunters were delighted with a new BB gun or some hunting clothes and real hunting boots. The big hunters were rewarded for being good with new waders and Goretech 4-in-ones, not to overlook hand warmers and a new waterproof hat with ear warmers. I live out in the Proctor area in the country and there were a lot of shots about 9 a.m., both shotgun and rifle. You just have to site in that new rifle and scope. The new shotgun must have a few shots at clay birds before the next duck hunting trip. The fisherman got that new rod and reel and how about all those new lures that are guaranteed to catch the “Big Boy.” These holiday days are wonderful and we are surely blessed. After receiving all the new equipment and trying it out under the tree and in the yard, there is only one problem, finding enough time to go hunting or fishing and enjoy what Santa brought. Deer season with a gun is winding down with the late rifle and three day muzzle loaders. Season with a gun ends on New Years Eve. Archery season goes on in many zones until Feb. 29, 2016. If you are into archery, there is still a lot of time to get that trophy or freezer meat. At Lakeside Taxidermy we have received several very nice deer from different zones, the largest from Zone 17 which is primarily behind the levee. Remember, there is still time to get that trophy. If you miss a trip, it never comes back again. That might have been the hunt of a lifetime. Make sure to go and take a kid with you. Remember, someone had to take you on your first hunt or fishing trip. When that new hunter gets the “First” deer or duck, Lakeside Taxidermy will be glad to do a beautiful mount for the trophy room. A lot of mounts are over the young hunter’s bed. For duck hunters there is still half a season left and it should be the best part. The most waterfowl get in our area after Christmas. With the rains that have occurred in the mid-south area, most of the rivers are flooded out and there is plenty of water in the fields. There are a lot of places to hunt. We just need some very cold weather up north. My friends in mid Illinois finished up their season on Christmas Eve and they have not frozen out this year. I can only imagine how many ducks are still north of us. From the reports that I have received, there are a few spots locally that are good, but the best and most consistent hunting has been in the more northeast counties of Arkansas and southern Missouri. If you are having good hunting locally, that’s great and I will be glad to hear of your hunts. Just contact me at Lakeside Taxidermy in Proctor. As we start into a new year, I wish all the outdoor sportsmen and their families the best that Mother Nature can offer. For the outdoors’ man, this is truly a wonderful time of the year. We are truly blessed to live here! Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 870-732-0455 or 901-482-3430


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