Rainy days and Mondays get Judge Thorne down

By the Evening Times News Staff news@theeveningtimes.com

A bad rainy day in Judge Fred Thorne’s court on Monday began with the judge trying to warn a lady in the courtroom about her choice in men. “You are supporting him?” “Yes.” “Where do you work?” “A pizza place.” “How many children do you have?” “Three. He just got out of prison.” “And now he has been arrested again? Doesn’t that tell you something?” A woman in jail was charged with two counts of failing to answer a subpoena and pled guilty. “This reports says the police came out and you were arguing about false imprisonment. You had a domestic disturbance and now you have gotten back with your boyfriend.” “I was in the process of moving.” “I can’t have people endangering the lives of the police officers. 15 days jail for contempt. Jail, these are straight days not any days off on good behavior.” A woman in jail wanted to change her pled on a possession charge. She now pled guilty. “Marijuana was found on you and you pled not guilty?”“My ex-boyfriend gave it to me for me to hide it.” “Is he in jail now?” “Yes.” “$750 plus court costs and one year suspended sentence.” The next woman in jail was charged with public intoxication. “No content, sir.” “You just had a DWI.” “It has been a while.” “What are we going to do about this?” “Send me to alcohol class?” “I can’t change the spots on a leopard. Do you get a monthly income?” “No. I’m going to classes for my GED.” “She was going to a re-pass,” said the bailiff. “What is that?” “It is a wake.” “Did they serve alcohol at the wake?” “No. I drank after the wake.”“You can get out of jail Wednesday at 5:00. You can be home for Christmas.” “Thank you sir,” said the defendant, clapping.“How do you pled to public intoxication?” asked Judge Thorne of the next woman in jail. “No contest.” “Two failure to appears?” “No contest.” “And a disorderly conduct?” “No contest.” “That public intoxication was three years ago.” “No, it was in 2014. $105 plus court costs on one failure to appear. $400 plus costs on the disorderly conduct. I’ll dismiss the others.” A man in jail was charged with driving on suspended. He pled guilty. “You went to Mississippi, Tennessee and now in Arkansas. You have had lots of tickets. Seven. You are just going to keep driving without a license.” “My license was suspended because of child support. I got a phone call because my daughter was sick and I had to take her to the hospital.” “You can’t legally pick up your daughter and take her to the hospital with no drivers license! $750 plus court costs.” A man in jail charged with speeding and failure to appear pled guilty.” “I swear to God I didn’t remember the date.” “I would believe you if you hadn’t been in the system many times before. $75 plus court costs on the speeding and $105 plus court costs and three days on the failure to appear.” A man in jail was charged with driving on suspended and bogus tags. He pled guilty to both charges. “You have had three different driving on suspended. When are you going to get your license back?” “I’m working on it.” “$750 plus court costs on the driving on suspended. $105 plus court costs on the tags.” A man in the courtroom was told by Judge Thorne, “I am going to dismiss your charges but you are not to drive a vehicle again. I will contact Little Rock and make sure they don’t issue you a license. From now on sit in the back seat like a rich person and let your wife chauffeur you around.” A woman charged with DWI, driving on suspended and no insurance kept trying to tell Judge Thorne about her reasons for her charges. “Go back and sit down. I gave a five minute speech and you obviously didn’t listen. You can be with me here when I get ready to leave.” Judge Thorne asked a man in the court to stand up. “What are the pleas you can give me?” “Guilty, not guilty and no contest.” “That is right, you paid attention.” A woman charged with driving on suspended, careless driving and no proof of insurance pled no contest to all charges. “Do you have insurance now?” “I was driving my boyfriend’s car.” “People in Crittenden County have to be the nicest people around. They let people borrow their cars all the time.” “I have my license now.” “Did you pay the $100 reinstatement fee after the accident?” “Yes.” “$195 plus court costs on the driving on suspended. $55 plus court costs on the careless driving and $50 plus court costs on the insurance.” A woman came up with her father on his charge. “Here’s the deal. Be back here Jan. 8th with a letter from the doctor as to whether he can drive or not.” “Yes, sir.” “It seems like he can’t see good and can’t hear good. I might take his license from him,” said Judge Thorne. A woman in the courtroom was charged with disorderly conduct and pled guilty. “You were arguing with your family. You told the officer ‘take me to jail. I want to get away from these people’. What were you so mad about?”“My cousin was having relations with someone in my car.” “What are you doing with your life?” “I’m enrolled at MSCC.” “Come back Monday and bring me your schedule for proof that you are signed up for classes and I’ll dismiss this.”


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