‘Thank you for not giving me a year — Have a good Christmas

Plenty on the ‘Naughty List’ in Municipal Court

By the Evening Times News Staff news@theeveningtimes.com

“All you folks think the police don’t have any compassion. There aren’t many in my courtroom today,” said Judge Fred Thorne. A man in jail was told, “You have warrants, city, state, and in Marion. How do you plead to careless driving?” “Guilty.” “Failure to appear?” “Guilty.” “Why didn’t you come to court?” “I was in the hospital.” “Do you have proof you were in the hospital?”“Yes.”“Let me see it.” “My proof is at home.” “$65 plus court costs on the careless driving. $500 plus court costs and 10 days jail on the failure to appear. If you can get the proof to me, I’ll suspend the failure to appear charge.” A woman in the courtroom stood up. “I can prove that.” “Do you have the proof with you?” “No, it’s at home.” “As I said, if you can bring the proof back up here, I’ll suspend the charge.” A woman in jail was charged with theft. She pled guilty. “You stole three bottles of cognac and some other high priced liquor. You and me go back to 1991.” “Lets be truthful, 1990.” “I’ve given you lots of breaks. What do you expect me to do?” “Those other two people who were with me didn’t know what I was doing.” “Is there another person in jail who was arrested with you?” “Yes.” “$500 plus court costs and 90 days jail.” “How do you know her?” asked Judge Thorne of the man in jail. “I gave her a ride.” “Dismiss him.” “I should have given her given her a year.” “Thank you for not giving me a year,” said the woman. “Have a good Christmas.” A man in jail was charged with 3rd degree battery. He pled not guilty. “The report says they fought over a car and apparently damaged the car,” said the court attorney. “He slapped the complainant and took $150.” “I’m glad you pled not guilty because you might be looking at more charges.” Another man in jail was charged with reckless driving and drug paraphernalia. He pled not guilty to both charges. “Your trial is set for Jan. 26. Do you have a concealed gun permit?” “No.” “Set his temporary bond at $40,000.” A man in jail was charged with theft. He pled guilty. His mother was in the courtroom and stood up. “Does he live with you?” “Yes. He is bi polar.” “That doesn’t get him off.” “I am responsible for him. I failed to give him his medicine that morning.” “He had a terrorist threatening before. What happened on that?” Asked Judge Thorne. “They dismissed it.” “Does he have a job?” “He has a job.” “Pay court costs and one year suspended with six months probation through the Justice Network. Be back here March 14 for a review.” A woman in the courtroom said she needed time to hire an attorney. “Be back on Jan. 4, with a lawyer and see the DWI lady today before you leave here.” A man in the courtroom was charged with no proof of insurance. He pled no contest. “Did you have it at the time or did you get it afterwards?” “Afterward.” “$225 plus court costs.” “What if I have no money?” “You must pay something to the lady at the window. If she is happy with it, I am happy with it. If you have zero money you can do the toothbrush plan. Do you know what that is?” “No, sir.” “Jail.” A woman with no proof of insurance pled guilty. “Did you have insurance at the time or did you get it after?”“After.” “What is your fine then?” “I don’t know.” “If you had been paying attention to what I fined the previous person you might have had a fine of $200. Since you weren’t paying attention it will be $225 plus court costs.” A woman whose name was called pled not guilty to driver’s license suspended and failure to appear. “You wasted our time the last time you was here because you asked for time to get an attorney and now you are back without one.” “I couldn’t afford one.” “Be back here for your trial.” The next person that came up was asked, “How old are you?” “23.” How do you plead to careless driving?” “Guilty.” “Fleeing?” “Guilty.” “Driving on suspended?” “Guilty.” “No insurance?” “Guilty.” “And bogus tags?” “Guilty.” “Whose car is it?” “Mine. I haven’t moved the car since I bought it.” “Wasn’t there shooting?” “Yes. They thought someone in my car was shooting but when they looked it over they didn’t find any gun.” “Why did you flee at a high rate of speed?”“Because they were shooting. No one wants to hang around when they are doing that.” “Do you work?” “Yes. For three months.” “$375 plus court costs on the driving on suspended. $350 plus court costs on the no insurance. $65 plus court costs on the tags. I’ll dismiss the careless driving and fleeing. I think there is more to this story, as Paul Harvey used to say. You don’t even know who Paul Harvey is.” To the next woman up. “How do you plead to loitering at the truck stop?” “Not guilty.” “You said you were self employed?” “Yes, sir.” “Do you live in Memphis?” “Yes, I do.” The next woman to come up pled not guilty to driving on suspended. “I know that man with you told you how to plea. I know him. If you go to jail, at your trial you can blame it on him.” A woman charged with no proof of insurance pled guilty. “Where do you work?” “I don’t work nowhere.” “How much am I going to charge you?” “I don’t know.” “You should have been paying attention. $225 plus court costs.”


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