WM A&P sending shuttle to Autozone Liberty Bowl

Interested parties should meet at Comfort Suites on January 2 at 12 PM

By Chuck Livingston Sports Editor

The West Memphis Advertising and Promotion Commission announced yesterday that they are running a shuttle to the 2016 Autozone Liberty Bowl, which will be played on January 2. Interested parties should meet at the lot adjacent to the Comfort Suites on 7th Street in West Memphis and be ready to leave that area at 12 PM on the day of the game, which features the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Kansas State Wildcats. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:20 PM. The ride will be free and the bus will bring riders back to their cars an hour after the conclusion of the game. Space on the shuttle is limited and seating will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so riders will want to arrive early. “This is a game featuring the state’s team, and we want to encourage people from all around the state to stay here, yet still be able to get to the game,” explained Jim Jackson, of the West Memphis A&P Commission. Jackson can be contacted for further inquires at jackson@westmemphis.org. The shuttle will take fans to the game, but the buses will stay on the grounds from kickoff until it comes back to the Comfort Inn. “We want to do that in case the game is a blowout, or it’s so cold like it was last time,” said Jackson, referring to the 2010 Liberty Bowl, which also featured the Razorbacks. “If someone wants to leave the game, they can go wait on the bus and wait to go back to their car.”


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