Jonesboro company to expand its West Memphis operations

Industrial Lubricants Inc. sells assets of company to Mid South Sales Inc.

By the Evening Times News Staff

Jonesboro-based Mid-South Sales Inc. has completed a deal to purchase assets related to Industrial Lubricants Inc. of Memphis. As part of the acquisition, the company will be implementing an expansion at its West Memphis facility. Mid-South Sales, located at 101 E. Jefferson Ave., will be adding 12,000 square feet to the local site. “We are proud of the service we have provided our customers through Industrial Lubricants, Inc. over the past 36 years and appreciate the relationships we have built during our time in this business,” said David Tichenor, President of Industrial Lubricants Inc. “As I retire, I know we’ve found a highly respected company in Mid-South Sales Inc. that we believe is a strong fit for our business and will continue providing the service our customers deserve.” Tichenor said the new business transition will result in no loss of jobs for either company and will allow Mid-South Sales to gain new customers and oil brands to broaden their business. Tichenor said “We believe this is a great opportunity for our customers, employees, and suppliers of both Industrial Lubricants, Inc. and Mid South Sales.” “The purchase of Industrial Lubricants Inc. comes at a time when we were looking to expand our resources,” said Murray Benton, President of Mid South Sales. Industrial Lubricants, Inc. provided excellent service to their customers, and we’re excited to enhance lubricant and equipment services currently provided.” Mid South Sales, a family owned business serving customers since 1962, provide premium petroleum products (fuel and lubricants) in Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. The company offers filtration/purification services, lubrication equipment and installation and storage tanks.


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