New Earle drain pump weathers the storm

Underpass staying above water following $14,000 fix

By Mark Randall

After last week’s heavy rains, officials in Earle were glad to see the pump under the railroad underpass kept the road dry. “I just wanted to thank you,” said Councilwoman Jimmie Barham to Water Department Supervisor Danny Clark. “You could still go under. For many years you couldn’t go under. I was just glad that what you said needed to be done was done before that happened.” The city spent $14,000 for a heavy duty pump, fixed a retaining wall, and poured a new concrete basin ti alleviate flooding and drainage problems at the railroad underpass at Main and Commerce Streets. Flooding had been a major problem for a number of years at the underpass and the road was frequently impassable due to standing water. Clark came up with a design for a new basin that allows a backhoe to drive in and scoop out mud and debris. In the past, the city had to use a portable pump to drain the water but ruined several pumps because trash and debris would get stuck in the basin and prevent the pump from shutting off. The new pump has a breaker which automatically shuts the pump off to keep it from constantly running. Clark said he was pleased that the pump did the job so well. “After that gully-washer we had, it worked. People could go through,” Clark said. “Honestly, I was a little shocked when I drove over there the next morning to see it because that was a pretty good rain.” Clark went up last Sunday morning and cleaned the basin out in anticipation of the rain. “I took the backhoe and raked it all up because I thought it would be a big rain,” Clark said. Mayor Carolyn Jones also expressed her thanks. “It looked good.” Jones said.


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