Bosch Angel Tree program spreads cheer

Company plays Santa for Faulk Elementary students

By Billy Woods WM School District

Marion Littlejohn had his cell phone ready for photos as 72 Faulk Elementary students ambled into the Schoettle Center at the old Crittenden Regional Hospital site. Littlejohn, Vince Longshore and several more Bosch Power Tool Corporation employees put on quite a display of love for the kids at Faulk Friday when they hosted their second Angel Tree program. Bosch bought several hundred Christmas presents, including 22 bicycles, for students who may not have had a Christmas otherwise. Littlejohn photographed every child with Santa Claus himself, who made a special appearance for the students. “This is just part of our value system at Bosch,” said Littlejohn. “And it’s all due to Mr. Bosch himself. He values being a part of the community and giving back as much as possible and we love doing things like this for Faulk.” Bosch is a strong part of the West Memphis School District’s Partners In Education program and much of what the company does is initiated by itself. “What they do for us…it’s not for show,” said Faulk principal Janice Donald. “They continue to amaze me. It’s an outpouring of love and kindness. I think they’re developing relationships with the students themselves. Our kids recognize them when they come to our school, and it makes a difference that folks from outside our school are taking an interest in their lives.” Earlier this year Bosch awarded Faulk with a $20,000 grant that the school used for science and technology. On Friday, Longshore, the company’s director for physical distribution, dressed as Santa and posed with each student and their presents. “I’m pretty overwhelmed with the response our employees have given with this project,” Littlejohn added. “It’s not just the management. It’s the associates who are making all this happen. We think the Bosch name is pretty important and we hope our value system is something that catches on with the rest of the community and the students at Faulk.” The Schoettle Center, which has been shut down along with the rest of the hospital’s facilities for two years, was opened back up thanks to Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless. “We want to thank Judge Wheeless for letting us use this facility,” said Littlejohn. “The conference center is a perfect place for us to hold this event.”


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