What is your choice?

By Clayton Adams ‘A Word from the Pastor’

Every belief system has a “higher power.” In Hinduism the higher power is Brahman and the endless gods and goddesses representing reincarnation. In New Age the higher power is humanity or “self.” In Buddhism the higher power is spiritual enlightenment. In Islam the higher power is Allah and his profit Mohammed is the example to model ones life after to gain entry into paradise if one dutifully follow the five duties or what is commonly referred to as Islam’s Five Pillars of Faith. In Christianity the higher power is God (The Great I AM) whom we can spend eternity with through the forgiveness of our sin(s) through His Son Jesus Christ. Now admittedly, we Christians, and I am including myself, have not done well in living out the values and teachings of Christ. Neither do we have a good reputation throughout the world for loving people as Christ instructed. However, Christ will (if we allow Him) correct our thoughts and behaviors through His teachings as found in Matthew 7:1-5; 22:37-40 and many others. The similarities among all the other religions differ from Christianity in that Christianity is based upon each individual having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In all other religions individuals attain nirvana, paradise or spiritual enlightenment through duty or acts. In a personal relationship with Christ – it isn’t about what you or I can do it is all about what Christ already did on the Cross. Christ died for my sins, your sins – for all sin. Religions are man made. Jesus wants a relationship with you not duty or sacrifice. Christ died to have a personal relationship with you and to save you from the penalty of sin. Has anyone else done this for you? If you are not a Christian (Christian being defined as someone who has asked Christ to forgive one’s sins and strives to live his or her life for Christ, according to John 3:1-8; Romans 10:9-10; 2 Corinthians 5:17) there is a difference between all other religions and one who enjoys a personal relationship with Christ. Everyone has a choice to believe or not believe in whoever, whatever or nothing. The Bible states in Acts 4:10-12 “There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” I am not perfect, my church is not a perfect church, Christians are not perfect but we follow the One who is perfect — Jesus. Whom will you choose to follow and have a relationship with? It’s your choice. Clayton Adams is pastor at Earle First Assembly of God. You can e-mail him at cpalaa@yahoo.com, or find Earle First Assembly on Facebook.


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