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Well this one for Walmart in West Memphis. The have got to be the most rudeness people that work there.. they act as if they would rather you shop somewhere else than have to wait on you especially this one up front and in management or Supervisor. Never speak unless they no you.. then they are all over them. never a thank you, then when you ask them something, you get the dirtiest look. like why you asking me that.. There a few ladies that work as cashiers, maybe 3 that will act as if they care.. but don’t ask the ones that are supervisors watch out for rudenss cause you going to get it.. I guess we could drive to Wynne, Osceola or Southaven. Much nicer folks there… Merry Christmas and good luck if you go there… [Editor’s Note: I’m hesitant to run this because I generally don’t get behind anyone running down one of our local businesses. But, I’m printing your point to offer this counter-point: I go to Walmart probably a dozen times a month. I won’t say I’ve never had bad service there, but I usually do. Any time I have needed help with something, the employee I ask either quickly sees to my needs or finds someone who can. I honestly can’t remember anyone being rude (well, I mean outside of the other shoppers) but perhaps I’m not as sensitive as others]

*** Wednesday… the lady and I must have the same paper carrier because my carrier is great… my paper is never in the water or missing. [Editor’s Note: We value all of our subscribers, so our hope is that everyone gets their paper on time, every time and in readable condition. If you ever don’t, call us at (870) 735-1010. Usually, our carriers are great. The one’s that aren’t usually don’t last very long]

*** When Crittenden county had a new funeral home opened we were all excited. We thought we would be getting one that could handle the folks coming to see the family of the love ones they had lost. No way has that happened. That was no mistake, that was planned!!! So disappointed! [Editor’s Note: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sentence with the words “excited” and “funeral home” at the same time, so that’s a first. I have heard complaints that the parlor rooms were too small at Roller-Citizens a few times. I’ve even had a few texts sent in. I don’t have any first hand experience with any of the recent funerals I’ve attended being overcrowded, but I suppose it could happen if a loved one were “more loved” that the average bear. As for your somewhat presumptive claim that “That was no mistake, that was planned!!!” I can’t imagine that there was an active effort to inconvenience their customers. Seems like a counter-productive business model]

*** Glad to see they arrested someone for the Mcdonalds shooting. Nobody likes the idea of there being crime in their communtity but it is still a LOT better than plenty of places even ones close by. Well done MPD!!! [Editor’s Note: The police can’t solve every case or catch every criminal. And they certainly can’t do it RIGHT NOW like people seem to expect sometimes. I know people often feel like the police are keeping information from the public, but like a high-ranking police official once told me, when it comes to cracking a case, when it comes to the bad guys, “we don’t want them to know what we know,” and I’m OK with that]


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