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Happy Holiday’s to everyone who works at TIMES! May you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday! I love my paper and can’t go without it! My newspaper delivery guy is the best!!! [Editor’s Note: Glad we could be of service and thanks for the kind words. I know we’re far from perfect, but we try to do the best we can to be a service to our community. On a somewhat related note, we’ll be doing our “Top 10 News Stories” countdown again the week after Christmas, so if anyone out there has any nominees, I’d be happy to take them under suggestion]

*** Last night, I went to the visitation of Ms. Scoota Steele. As I knew it would be, there was lots of people there. I waited patiently to talk with the family. As I stood in line some people are very rude, instead of them going to the end of the line LIKE OTHER PEOPLE they would just start talking with someone and break in line. That isn’t right, after all we had already been there just waiting also. The funeral home needs to set some rules about breaking line in front of other people. If we can wait so can you!!! I also seen a few people who had physical issues who went and sit down till the line got shorter. At least they waited their turn. Please be more courteous the next time you go and don’t break line. What goes around comes around. [Editor’s Note: If there was one place where I would have thought we didn’t need “rules” it would be at a funeral home. I don’t remember having an experience where people were breaking in line at a visitation. I guess it’s at least somewhat of a tribute to the deceased that there were that many people there. I’ve read a lot of “Dear Abby” over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any advice on funeral etiquette. A little trip to Google did yield some results, with the best advice I saw being, “The last thing one wants to do is upset the bereaved by being ignorant or clumsy.” I suppose breaking in line falls into that category]

*** That fix on West Roselawn is a joke… Maybe the Evening Times would like to come by and make a picture of the mess… [Editor’s Note: I’ll take your word for it. I’d guess it was more of a stop-gap fix than an attempt at a permanent repair. If it is that bad, give ‘em a call. “You can explain it all down at City Hall,” as Jerry Reed once sang]

*** What is the point in having cheerleaders at Marion when they don’t do anything but stand around. They should be cheering during half time but no they take a halftime break too. The should be cheering when there is a timeout or in between the quarters but no they are taking a break. Why do we have them if they don’t cheer? When other teams cheerleaders come to the game they out cheer our girls. The other cheerleaders are there to cheer and not stand around!!! [Editor’s Note: This is one of those texts that I get from time to time where I read it and try to figure out the process. You know, Point A: This thing happened. Point B: Sending in a text to “Text the Times.” The old saying is, “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line,” but I feel like in this situation, there are some curves in the road. I’m going to assume (perhaps incorrectly) that we are talking about basketball, since football has been over for a while now, and the band plays at halftime, so basketball, then? OK, I guess the short answer is, I don’t know. I haven’t been to a high school basketball game in years, and I honestly wouldn’t have been sure until you mentioned it if the cheerleaders even went to the basketball games. Does the band play at basketball games? Do they do a halftime show? If they don’t play at basketball games, isn’t that showing bias toward football?Do they have boy cheerleaders that cheer during the girls’ games? Do the cheerleaders have to cheer during both games? Why aren’t there cheerleaders at the baseball and softball games? This text raises more questions than it answers]

*** Concerning WM basketball. The true force retired several years ago… Coach Bray sidekick is retired..he is a good coach but he can not get out there and play for them. That Coach Bray can shoot!!! [Editor’s Note: Look, I’m not your man for all of these sports related questions. Maybe Chuck should start his own deal? “Text the Chuck?” I don’t know about the “true force,” but I know “The Force Awakens” in theaters this Friday!]


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