Center Mass puts regular folks behind the trigger

Simulation program offers training, entertainment

By John Rech

Everybody loves a new business in the area. It’s even better when the business brings a unique never before seen service. Dennis Smith has brought Center Mass Simulators to Crawfordsville and the buzz is ever increasing. Smith said his business generated a whopping 72,000 Internet hits last month and not only from the Tri-State area but also brought in customers from Kentucky and Missouri too. “A lot of people think this is some kind of Xbox,” said Smith. “One time here and people are hooked. Many law enforcement agencies use this for training so it is top notch sate-of-the-art. I offer it only as entertainment.” The shooting simulator provides hundreds of completely interactive scenarios. Reports scoring hits on targets or whether the bad guy got you before you got him are generated. The quality of the simulated reality, the speed of the interactivity and feedback from the reports opened the eyes of Nick Coulter when he matched wits with the simulators in a concealed carry shoot or no shoot scenarios. The interactivity had his pulse pounding. “I couldn’t believe it when the guy pulled the gun,” said Coulter of a car jack scenario. “The second I froze cost me.” Smith said that amazed reaction are very common. Other scenarios include a wide variety of target practice with 60 different firing ranges and hunting scenes. It is cost effective verses going to the range according to Smith coming in a few cents per round. Groups turn out for tournaments and competition. He is open with some busy weekend and evening hours. The manufacturer promised him exclusive rights to operate in an area 200 mile around. Smith tried different price points and found a rate that drives his business. “A single person is $20 for 30 minutes $35 per hour,” said Smith. “If a couple want to shoot together then it is $35 for 30 minutes or $45 an hour. Groups settings up to five are $35 each and then groups with six to twelve it drops to $25 each and there is no timed basis.” Smith said he is a competitor in the retail firearms and ammo market selling guns on a cost plus basis. His shop opened in November just in time for Christmas and hunting shoppers. “If your looking for a gun, I’m going to pull it up for you on the big screen,” said Smith. “Your going to see what my wholesale cost is. I’m gonna put a number on it and say let’s go. If I don’t have the gun here, I can have it here with next day delivery.” Locating in Crawfordsville at the old Angeletti’s Acres and feed store brings a competitive advantage. Not only is the price structuring on gun sales different, but lower overhead and an 8.25 sales tax a part of the competitive advantage Center Mass Simulators offers.


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