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DELTA ARTS… Good job on the Christmas story musical. I know a lot of hard work went into the show. It was GREAT!!! [Editor’s Note: I went to the Thursday night performance. With “A Christmas Story” being my second-favorite Christmas movie (behind “It’s a Wonderful Life” and slightly ahead of “Elf and “Scrooged”) I was very pleased with the show. I have been involved with several stage productions at my church, so I agree it was no doubt a lot of work, especially with a cast made up entirely of kids]

*** Editor or whomever??? Disagree with the majority if you want to show your stupidity…It’s likelooking up in the sky and seeing thousands of ducks flying south and onlyone flying north….Common sense tells you which is most likely right!!!! [Editor’s Note: I know it’s a cliché at this point, but Hitler was elected by the majority]

*** Yeah, but sometimes I wonder if Kelly votes against the majority just to be disagreeable, or get his picture in the paper. Could that be possible? [Editor’s Note: Oh, sure, it’s possible. I’m not one to automatically assume the worst about someone just because I disagree with what they say, but that’s just me]

*** Yes, sure Crittenden County employees are getting a raise but some departments are not. Some employees are get big raise for example the County Judge secretary, Jailer, Circuit clerk office. It is not fair we all work hard for the county. And to Mr. Judge Woody Wheeler who is a snake in the grass are e a lier. you have lied about alot of things. That is why the Crittenden County in the shape it is now you and the Quorum have lied to the Crittenden citizens. It is a ashamed this county is big with no hospital. There are small county who have hospital it is a shamed you should be ashamed to show your face. I see why the state Senator have nothing to do with you Mr. Woody and another thing you are double dipping getting paid from the County and Marion City as a fire Chief. I will be at the Quorum Court meeting on Tuesday December 15th. With Fox 13 News. So get ready to explain rto the 300 employees of the Crittenden County why no bonus and why so departments are get $15-16 dollars raise. And everyone else is getting 3.8 percent raise. Judge Woody Wheeless secretary make $18 dollars a hour just sitting at her desk playing Cards on her computer. Every time I come to try to have a meeting with Mr. woody she is playing cards on her computer. She don’t deserve $18 dollars. Where do they do that at only in Crittenden County Judge office. Mike Allen, are you sure that ur employees are happy I dont think so cause me and my coworkers are not happy here with the pay and the pay that are we getting ready to receive in 2016 sir. So stop acting like you care about you are just lying to. All this time how you are trying to do something and yes Vickie Robertson is full of mess to she run that Quorum Court board. So yes Mr. Mike I hope that Deborah Farrow win that sit from Vickie Robertson and I will get everyone else to vote for Ms. Farrow. [Editor’s Note: This took about 12 separate texts to come in, and for whatever reason, the texts were in a completely random order, so this took some sorting out and I hope I got it in the right order. The sheriff and the county judge don’t need me to defend them. Neither is facing opposition next year for their re-elections, so it’s pretty clear that the citizens of the county support their efforts. The quorum court is made up of independent-thinking individuals who are also elected officials that the citizens of this county have chosen to set policy and decide how to appropriate county funds. Having said all of that, if you’re unhappy with your pay, find another job. People do it all the time. Prove me wrong, but I doubt any news station is really concerned with how much money you (or anyone else) make, so I wouldn’t bank too much on that Fox 13 News exposé]


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