Our View: Allen a shining example in the community

Let us join the many other friends and family in congratulating Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen for recently being recognized as the top Christian law enforcement officer in the entire Tri-state area. We are proud to tell Crittenden Countians about the awards banquet in West Memphis which was put together by an organization called Centurions for Christ. For those who may be unaware of what this organization is, well it is composed of law enforcement officers and chaplains who raise money for charitable causes in the law enforcement sector. We’re told the group raises money for what they call “Centurion Bears.” Here is how it works, according to Sheriff Allen. Teddy bears are given to law enforcement officers and they put them in their patrol cars for occasions when a child ins involved in an accident as a gesture of compassion and to comfort them. The stuffed teddy bears are also used by officers responding to a domestic situation in which a child is involved and there is an opportunity to comfort them and help get their mind off of what an unpleasant situation they may be experiencing, Allen explained. Sheriff Allen’s response when he leaned of the recognition clearly depicts just who he really is and his dedicated commitment to his fellow man. Sheriff Allen said, “As far as being honored for my years of serve in law enforcement, this probably means more to me in my service to the Lord than any other thing that I have gotten,. It was nice, I was honored. And all the glory goes to God.” It gives us great pleasure to share with others just exactly how special it is to have someone of this caliber as our neighbor, our friend and our sheriff. We have known Mike Allen for many, many years on a professional level and can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he is a man of public service, dedicated to helping others even at times even when it may mean personal sacrifices. He posses the values, virtues, character and integrity that we should all try to emulate. These special qualities are a special gift that has certainly contributed to his successes in public service. Allen is a true professional whose deeds and actions often go unrecognized and unappreciated. This is why this recognition banquet is so special. Sheriff Allen’s successful leadership as Crittenden County’s chief law enforcement officer has provided all of us with a sense of security. As importantly, Sheriff Allen’s Christian commitment sets the standards by which those who follow him abide by and are reflected in the excellent job they do on a daily basis to serve and protect us. Once again, we sincerely want to congratulate Mike Allen and say we can think of no one more deserving of this special recognition.


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