The decision our government makes today becomes worse for us!

By Bill McFerrin

Local Commentary

If we look at all the decisions our government — and I’m talking about all the government, not a political party — makes today in full detail, we should be scared to death for America. We’ve got a leader that refuses to call an act of terrorism by that name because it might hurt someone’s feelings, or is there another reason that lurks in the background. Well, just think about the ones that are lying dead somewhere and their families that are trying to get the strength to carry on and try to understand why this happened to them. I know that our protectors can’t be everywhere all the time, but we could maybe be more so if the top leaders acted like they really cared about the people of America. I love America so much and especially the fact that the foundation that she was formed on — that being the God of the universe, the true living God and not the ones that so many people seem to go with today without even giving it a second thought. It looks to me like everyone has their own god today and if you are a born-again Christian, you know in your heart that all this can’t turn out good for America. Always remember the word “flood.” I know that just about all of you that read a paper or watch television then I think that you know of the sad tragic shooting that took place out in California recently. If you listen to some of our leaders, then it was nothing more than just some work-place trouble because someone got mad at someone else and just went and got a gun and started shooting. And if that was all that happened, then that would be the last of the story, but if you listen to whole story then you know that’s not how or why it happened. I know that for the last few weeks we have all heard about these thousands of refugees that are coming our way, and to hear a lot of people as well as a lot of our leaders tell it, for the most part it’s only a lot of widow women with little kids so what have we got to be afraid of? We should not even give it a second thought about them coming into our country because they would never do America and her people any harm. Don’t even think about all the thousands of thirty to thirty-five year-old young men coming along with them. If my memory serves me correct, they told us that they vetted every one of them for two years and because we couldn’t find a lot of information on them then that tells us that they must be OK. Now back to the California story. If what I heard was correct, then it was a loving mother with a little baby that she loved so much who, along with her American-born husband got dressed is some battle clothes and then grabbed a couple of heavy-duty rifles (and some are thinking “them mean ole rifles, look what they made them people do) and then they got in the car and went on a killing spree. And it was all because of what they believed in their hearts that came from their god and not the rifles. And if you think about all these that are on the way, they serve the same god that these two did. So you can understand why I’m having a hard time understanding all this wonderful talk that I keep hearing about this bunch that is heading our way. The thing that I would say bothers me the most is if something bad happens with some of these, and after it happens we hear some of our leaders say something like, “we sure didn’t think that they would do anything like that…” and “we are so sorry because we just didn’t think any thing like this would ever happen with it being just widows and kids…” and “what surprises us the most is this was after all the things that we done for them, like feed and give them shelter and make sure that their kids got a good education, all free so it didn’t cost them one penny, because all we had to do was just take the money away from the hard-working people of America.” They’ll say, now you understand why the government has to always be on the alert with an ever-watchful eye on those “dangerous Tea Party people” as well as that “out-of-control terrorist group known as the NRA,” not to mention all those Bible-thumpers that call themselves Christians, because you can never tell what that bunch might do. I do believe that one day God will judge this country like nothing that we could ever think was possible, because if we think that we as a blessed nation by him but can continually throw all this ungodliness back in his face, then we better take a deep breath and rethink this whole thing. I know that most of what I have written here is tragic and is not too pleasant to hear so close to the holidays, but you must remember that those that want America and Israel off the face of the earth never take a holiday. And if you think for a minute that this is bad news, just wait until you stand before Jesus in judgment if you don’t take his free gift, so God bless everyone of you out there wherever that might be. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.


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