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West Memphis High School now Academies of West Memphis, boys basketball needs a change! There is too much talent on the team that goes unrecognized. You have seniors that go without being recruited, present and past. It is a shame that the boys are not allowed to grow, after working hard for years. I feel they have earned a chance to pay as seniors. Everyone have bad games and certain players shouldn’t continue to be allowed to make numerous of mistakes in games and continue to be allowed to play when their are certain players that can’t make any mistakes as they are taken out of the game and benched! A coach should know what he has in his player after working with them for years. West Memphis High School is my alma mater and it is difficult for me to support their basketball team. I’m disappointed, and I feel a lot more are disappointed as well! Just take a look around the stadium! [Editor’s Note: I am completely comfortable saying that I am in no way qualified to agree or disagree with this notion. I do know that West Memphis basketball hasn’t been as much of a force as it has been in years past. It seems as though your text is blaming the coaches, right? I suppose that’s a possibility. There might also be an issue with talent. Also, it’s fair to say there might be some excellent players who are academically ineligible or don’t play for other reasons (they have a job or have other priorities). Again, I’m just looking at it from someone who doesn’t really know the game well enough. My dad coached basketball at Earle for 20 years. He could probably tell you better than I could. But since he’s not available, I’m going to defer to our resident Sports Guy…] [Sports Editor’s addendum: There was a time this season where it looked like the Blue Devils were going to suffer through a long year, but I’m not sure that’s the case now. West Memphis has won 5 of their last 6 games and the lone loss was to the defending Class 6A state champions. Coach Bray is pretty good at this hoops thing and has a vested interest in seeing his teams do well. Attendance is a separate issue, and it’s sad to see these beautiful arenas that we have in town house maybe 300-400 people on an average game night]

*** Well I talked to some employees of the Crittenden County. I know how they feel about no raise and bonus the have been get over on the employee for many years I think that the employee do a wonderful job for this county. So I am letting the citizens of the Crittenden County to let help support and rally behind the employees of Crittenden County for a better pay system and bonus. Cause everyone is not rich like the members of Quorum Court. U have to remember that u do have someone running for sit on the Quorum Court so just remember how u treating people. [Editor’s Note: Two things here: If you think everyone on the quorum court is rich, your definition of the word is much more liberal than most. Also, the county has agreed to a 3.8 percent raise for county employees. It’s not a massive raise but it’s more than a lot of folks are getting these days] *** Does the Docettes Society Club Inc. allow Caucasian girls to be debutants? [Editor’s Note: Part of me wants to give this a legitimate response, but part of me thinks this is simply a “clever” attempt to make some sort of snide racially-motivated remark. It’s tough to decide which way to go. The Docettes, like any other community organization, is made up of like-minded individuals who share the same goals and interests. While all of their members are black (at least from all of the photos of their group I’ve seen), I don’t know that they have ever had a white person attempt to join. It likely just happens that they are all black because organizers were friends and historically they have been an organization that operates within the black community. I can’t help but notice you don’t share the same concerns about the Quota Club, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the 20 Club or any other local community group. If you truly are looking for a local organization that has a diversified membership, might I direct you to the West Memphis Lions?]


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