Sheriff recognized by Centurians

Allen named top Christian law enforcement officer at annual banquet

By Mark Randall

Mike Allen’s wife had to convince him real hard to give up going to a watch party for Barrett Baber. She knew something that he didn’t. Allen was named the top Christian law enforcement officer in the Tri-state area Monday night at a banquet in West Memphis by Centurians for Christ. The non-profit group is made up of law enforcement officers and chaplains who raise money for charitable causes in the law enforcement sector. “My wife insisted that I go to this thing,” Allen said. “I was like ‘that’s a watch party for Barrett Baber on Monday.’ But I said ‘Ok, honey.’ She knew I was going to win an award and I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.” Allen said the group raises money for what they call “Centurian Bears.” “We give teddy bears to law enforcement and they put them in patrol cars for say if you have a child involed in an accident you can give them a teddy bear to comfort them, or if you have some kind of a domestic situation in which a child is involved, you can comfort them and help get their mind off of it with a bear,” Allen said. Allen said he was truly honored by the award. “As far as being honored for my years of service in law enforcement, this probably means more to me in my service to the Lord than any other thing that I have gotten,” Allen said. “It was nice. I was honored. And all the glory goes to God.”

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