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Just out of curiosity a company has been laying some kind of pipe lines in the Redding cooper area. The lines are yellow and plastic. Anyone know what they are for? [Editor’s Note: The city has been in the midst of a large city-wide “Inflow & Infiltration” inspection/rehab project for months now, replacing damaged lines. I suspect the work you are describing is a part of that process]

*** Really no Friday paper online AGAIN. Hold on let my wife CHOKE ME! I feel better now. What is going on lately with the e-edition I pay same price as delivery, but guess what I GET NO DELIVERY! [Editor’s Note: I hope you survived the strangling. In any event, sorry for the delay. I know no one likes excuses, but we were having network issues (something I’m afraid we are subject to at least until our new online server changes at the first of the year). It’s my understanding that the Friday e-edition is now online. Again, apologies for any inconvenience]

*** Hey!! guess what just put a lil Duck Tape over your eyes and that will fix your problem… Because you won’t be able to see the sign so you can’t read it!! [Editor’s Note: As a kid, I called it “duck tape” for years until I found out it was actually called “duct tape” … and then, just to confuse me, I think, some company came out with “Duck Tape” brand duct tape. I know that doesn’t really address your text, but I thought we thoroughly covered the Interstate Liquor sign the other day. I can see now I was wrong]

*** Anyone that sees the billboard as anything other than light humor has serious issues… [Editor’s Note: Again, just to play devil’s advocate here, if your father was an abusive alcoholic or your son was killed by a drunk driver, there’s no way you could be offended by a sign (even in jest) that says alcohol “fixes everything” … not even a little? I’ve said this before, but it’s obvious some people are more sensitive than others and I can’t tell you something doesn’t offend you. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. What we don’t have, though, is a constitutional right to not be offended]

*** Something good can come out of Earle good job Fire dept put out a big grass fire out at grassy lake road it is good to know those guys got here quick thank you so much from the folk on our road. [Editor’s Note: Good job, Earle Fire Department. I hope that whatever problems are going on in Earle, people do see that there is still a lot of positivity going on in that community. The Earle Library always seems to have something cool going on (including the current Mister Rogers Neighborhood Sweater Drive. The schools do plenty of things to get parents involved with their children’s education, and just recently, the Earle Christmas Parade was held and by all accounts was a success]

*** I love that sign can’t wait to see more. [Editor’s Note: Gotta be honest, after all the “controversy” of the duct tape sign, I’m interested to see what their next words of wisdom are as well. If anyone except the initial person who texted in to complain about the sign was offended, they apparently were not offended enough to text us about it. I have had a few people in the community ask me about it or offer me their opinions. Mostly it’s been something along the lines of “I thought it was funny, but I can see how it might upset someone,” and I guess that’s pretty much true about almost anything. Someone did tell me that at one time, their sign read, “Can’t sing? Can’t dance? We have the cure.” That one’s actually pretty funny]

*** And once again Marion City Councilman Kelly Oneal voices his objections against the wishes of the Mayor, the water superintendent and the other council members regarding needed upgrades to the city’s water and sewer systems. He then blames Bond Engineering for design omissions that the City of Marion will have to pay for…KELLY!!! Is anyone else ever right except you??? [Editor’s Note: I don’t really know Kelly O’Neal all that well, so what I’m about to say is in no way a personal favor to him. I know just about all of the Marion City Council members, at least on a professional level, and I have nothing against any of them or the mayor, so what I’m about to say is in no way a personal attack against any of them. But here goes … and this may sound controversial and mind blowing, so I hope I don’t step over any lines or stir up any trouble with this volatile statement, but I’m going to say it anyway … get those thumbs ready to text away in a violent fervor of retort. Ready? OK, here I go … It’s OK to disagree with the majority]


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