To the Editor:

Monday, Nov. 23, 2015, I was awakened early. As if a person were speaking to me. It said go to Horse Shoe Lake, take Highway 70 west and turn onto #147 south. I followed those instructions, however, with great caution. Looking out of the window, I noticed the farmers had harvested their crops and plowed them under. This little beautiful rural church caught my attention. It sat off the road way maybe 50 yards or so in the middle of a pecan orchard. The church was breathtaking. I promised to stop by on my way back. I drove about half of the lake and decided to turn back. I drove about half of the lake and decided to turn back. I turned onto a semi gravel road, it had tall walnut trees on both sides of the road. I headed back toward the little church, excitement building. I increased my speed. Finally, I pulled into the parking lot. A white SUV was parked just ahead of me. No big deal I thought. I exited my truck and began walking toward the front entrance. I couldn’t help but notice the path was about 3 to 4 feet wide and red brick. The oddest thing about all this beauty was two signs. One on each side of the path which read “no trespassing.” I began to laugh, thinking this must be a Trick-or-Treat joke. At that point, a female exited the with SUV. She asked if she could help me. I thought sheriff Big-E-Low would show up at any minute. I had peeped inside the sanctuary, maybe she was thinking I was casing the church. After I had regained my composure, my reply to her was “who has the right to put a “no trespassing” sign on God’s holy ground?” She became apologetic. She explained that the people come and picked the pecans and the pecans were for church members only. I ask you? Should not the church give back to the community? I ask you again, what if Christ had said in John 6: 1-14 “members only?” Better yet, what if the widow woman had a “no trespassing” sign posted in her yard? Would her crus oil, meal barrel and her water supply lasted for the entire years? The lady still wanted to know my opinion on how the sigh should read. My reply to her was certainly not a “no trespassing” sign. I returned to my truck and saw on the ground a 12-gauge undischarged shell. My God, what kind of church is this?? I thought. After all this I was to upset to drive so I pulled over and parked for a long while. Brother Harold Phillips


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